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All Fashionistas Need Unisex Watches – Here’s Why

All bonafide fashionistas know how important watches are. They can make or break an outfit. Something that’ll elevate whatever you’re wearing is a unisex piece. It comes with more advantages than regular watches for men and women. Let’s talk about this.

They’re Bold

You’ll notice that unisex watches are built like men’s watches. When we say this, we mean that they’re large. You’ll usually find women’s pieces that are less than 37 mm in size. If you want to make a statement, they won’t work.

Timex’s Weekender collection is an example of a brand that creates bold pieces for men and women, and their devices are around 38-42 mm. A good example of this is the T2N651, it looks rugged too. There are many watches in the Timex collection, so you’ll have a fun time shopping around.

They Can Be Minimalistic

Although many of them are built similarly to men’s pieces, quite a few are minimalistic. This makes it hard for you to figure out if they’re for men or women. Bauhaus watches do this the best. They come with wide dials, thin markers, and sleek leather bands, so you’ll look ultra-chic.

Wearing such a timepiece would not only make you look like a modern woman, but you’ll have a watch that would match whatever you’re wearing. If you have a bold outfit, this is ideal.

They Can Look Rich

As mentioned, a good chunk of unisex pieces come with minimalistic designs. Yes, you’d look modern. But sleek watches make you look classy, no matter how cheap they are. That’s why more affordable brands pump out Bauhaus pieces. At the end of the day, unisex pieces are easier to find than those for women. So, you’ll be able to get hold of a sleek, expensive-looking unisex piece with ease.

They’re Androgynous

You know how sporadic fashion trends can be. In the blink of an eye, trends come back to life and disappear. Androgyny was a major part of the 80s. It’s making a splash again. Mixing hyper-masculine elements with more feminine stuff would do the trick. However, this might not be your cup of tea. You can mix and match unisex pieces together. It would catch people’s attention, but you wouldn’t be the focus of the room. To make your androgynous vision come to life, be mindful of the unisex timepiece you wear. Something that’s sporty works the best.

Final Thoughts

Considering everything we mentioned, you know how valuable these timepieces can be in your collection. We think anyone interested in fashion needs to snag them. A lot of them are built like men’s watches but have more feminine designs. The size is a contrast to the daintiness of women’s outfits. This is especially true if it’s automatic. However, many unisex pieces are also minimalistic, so they would look the same on men and women. Such watches not only would blend with anything, but they’d make you look good as chic watches are something luxury brands are known for.

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