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Aggravated Indecent Assault: What Qualifies and What Are the Penalties?

A violation of personal space is something that can change your life. Aggravated indecent assault carries heavy penalties. Assault of any kind is serious, so this category of sexual offense carries a hefty penalty.

What Is Aggravated Indecent Assault?

Statewide protection for sex-related crimes is growing with the help of public support. This type of assault is defined as forced physical assault of a sexual nature. Without the victim’s consent, an aggressor engages in illegal behavior. This is different from indecent assault since it comes with the qualifier of penetration. In cases where indecent assault was the original charge, more information allowed the charge to be upgraded to aggravated indecent assault. Circumstances like age and substance abuse are taken into account when discussing the viability of the assault.

What Are the Penalties?

Penalties vary, but are always serious. Repeat offenders may also deal with harsher repercussions based on their familiarity with the situation.

Age penalties are a good way to break down aggravated indecent assault. Certain states and countries have built their assault laws around specific ideals and cases. Pennsylvania has Megan’s Law, which comes with a requirement to register with SORNA. It is an official offender registry that requires a lifetime commitment from the accused. Age penalties are more severe, specifically if the victim is under the age of thirteen. Conviction involving the assault of someone under the age of thirteen can come with a maximum penalty of twenty years.

For penalties that involve victims over the age of thirteen, the charges are a bit more fluid. Less than ten years and a fine is the expected outcome in non-complicated cases. Depending on the state, the offender registry may not require a lifetime commitment. This has a huge impact on life, work and the ability to move from state to state.

Notable Cases

It’s important to note that being accused for aggravated indecent assault is not the same as a conviction. An arrest is also not a guaranteed conviction for the crime. These are the two most important things the accused should remember when put in a defensive position.

Notable cases in this category are the three counts of aggravated indecent assault by Bill Cosby. He is currently serving three to ten years in prison after a lengthy trial. All of his victims were of age, but didn’t consent.

Joseph Allen Miller was convicted of many things, including attempted aggravated indecent assault. He is currently serving ten to twenty years in prison. His victim was 15 years old, and the circumstances allowed Megan’s Law to kick in. Although the specifics of his case were similar to Cosby’s, the age disparity of the victim(s) allowed for harsher penalties.

When looking at past notable cases of aggravated indecent assault, age will always be one of the first things that comes up. No matter how deep the investigation goes, the accused and victim should always listen to their attorneys.

The Laws Are Changing

Aggravated indecent assault protects victims before and after the crime is committed. Victims gain more protection as the penalties for assault evolve. Physical contact should always be mutual, and these laws aim to enforce that perspective.