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What Makes a Medical Spa Successful?

Medical spas or med spas have been around since the first one opened in 1998 in San Francisco. From this small beginning med spas have grown into an industry projected to be worth $27.6 billion by 2025. They provide a service that neither day spas or a doctor’s office can. You can receive medical beauty treatments within a relaxing space akin to a day spa. But not all spas are successful.

Since 1998 thousands of med spas have opened their doors just to close them again a few years later so what are the key points to making a successful med spa?

Legally compliant

Like all businesses med spas must be legally compliant. With med spas though they have to meet the same standards and regulations as traditional medical practice. Different states will have different regulations and a good spa operator will know these rules, understand them and follow them.

Find the right location

As you may hear when people talk about buying a house the most important thing is location, location, location. The same is true for a med spa. With a med spa it is not important to be in an area with heavy foot traffic. Med spas don’t need to rely on passing trade so they may not be in a trendy part of town. People are happy to travel to a med spa. A successful spa though will have checked out the area for any competition. They will also have chosen a location that is easily accessible and has good parking. 

Investing in the right people

A good spa will have professional, knowledgeable employees who know how to make customers relaxed and happy. They will understand the treatments and products that are being offered in the spa and should be able to answer any questions on the products being sold.

The right products and treatments

A successful spa will have a solid range of products with proven effectiveness whether for skincare or other treatments. The menu of treatments will be strong and approved by the med spa’s doctor. 

Marketing campaign

Med spas are becoming more competitive and need to market effectively. A successful spa will have created a strong marketing campaign that suggests that their business is professional, reliable and safe. They might focus on a niche area and then build the campaign around this to attract a certain demographic.


A good spa will make communication easy and fast. If you have had treatment and need to speak to someone about any concerns you have then you will want to be heard quickly and responded to promptly. Successful spas like Laserbody M.D medical spa. will let you email, telephone or walk in. Staff should be able to answer all of a customer’s questions.

A good spa will make the process of receiving treatment comfortable and stress free. They should have any forms needed on their website so customers can fill them in prior to their appointment. On entering the sp they should be greeted and taken to a comfortable waiting area and offered a drink.

Credentials and Insurance

Med spas will need insurance and a good one will have consulted insurance agents to get the best one. Likewise a med spa needs to have a qualified health professional attached to the spa. A good spa will happily inform you of their credentials when asked. If they offer plastic surgery for instance they will have a qualified surgeon associated with them.

After treatment care

You would expect a successful med spa to explain all your options and any treatments you are receiving. You should be evaluated by a health professional before your procedure and told of any risks. They will also tell customers of anything they need to do after the procedure to help speed up recovery for instance if you received a chemical peel then you must avoid any sunshine for at least a week. They should supply contact details for you in the event you need to question anything after your procedure. 

Treat it like a business

A successful spa will treat it as a business. This means it will have a solid business infrastructure. Business plans will be laid out and staff understanding what their roles are. 

Having fun

Medical Spas are not like some other businesses. They need to have a welcoming environment and employees should be happy so that they enjoy coming into work everyday. A successful business will be legally compliant, professional and in profit but it will also be an enjoyable place that customers enjoy visiting and happy employees will put customers at ease.

These are just some of the things that you will see a successful spa undertaking. If you are visiting a spa look for reviews and recommendations and also how long it has been established.