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Day to Night Makeup Transformation – Arizona Midday

Some days, you have to run straight from office to wine bar – and by 5pm, your face looks more like it’s been taken to the woodshed than the boardroom. What’s a gal to do?

We were invited on Arizona Midday to talk about how to easily transform that day look into a night look. With the help of my blogger friend Stephanie from Conference Calls to Meatballs acting as model (her daytime/before look was actually our mom makeup look from an earlier segment), we show how easy it is to transition one into the other:

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Can You Work In The Beauty Industry and Still Be Pro-Women?

So you know that weird phenomenon where you learn a new word or talk about something really random, and then it seems to follow you around?

(Actually, I’m pretending to sound like I don’t know what it’s called right now, but I do. There’s a name for it and that name is the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. I often do that – pretend not to know as much about things as I do – because I trained myself to do so at a young age. I find that sounding like you know too much about something can make other people uncomfortable, so I tend to “dumb myself down”. This habit is almost universal among intelligent women, and that vaguely relates to what we’ll be discussing today.)  Continue reading Can You Work In The Beauty Industry and Still Be Pro-Women?

Makeup Contouring to Make Your Nose Look Smaller [VIDEO]

One of our most popular posts is on highlighting and contouring with makeup, and the area most women want to contour is their nose. We did a post on contouring to make your nose look slimmer, but I thought a video reference might help.

Contouring can be daunting, but don’t be afraid – it’s not just for makeup artists. I do at least a little contouring every day with my makeup, and I bet you do without realizing it. Check out the video and see what I mean: Continue reading Makeup Contouring to Make Your Nose Look Smaller [VIDEO]

Fall Makeup Trends, Tips and Tricks

Fall Makeup Trends Tips and Tricks Woman With LeafCelebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip, whose illustrious client list includes Denise Richards, Ellen Pompeo, Christina Applegate and Laura Linney, shares her top beauty picks for this fall’s trends and how to pull them off:

This season it’s all about a matte eggshell finish, contoured cheeks, and subtle shiny elements on the eyes or lips. Blush is back – add a pinch of color to the apple of the cheeks for a super feminine and classic look.

Tip: Try mixing and matching shades to find the perfect palette. Shimmery rose hues are a great touch for color and a taupe or tan contour are perfect for a winter glow. Only use bronzers without shimmer as a contouring tool to emphasize the bone structure – it is more subtle and won’t be obvious.

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Beauty Tips and Tricks from ELLE Editor Kate Growney

Kate Growney spent eight years as a beauty editor for Elle Magazine before launching Saffron James Parfums, her own line of eco-friendly fragrances which contributes one dollar from each purchase to environmental and cultural preservation in Hawaii.Tom Ford Beauty in ELLE

Kate’s favorite beauty tips and tricks:
  • Wear undereye concealer to look good in pictures, even if you don’t have dark circles. When the flash hits the makeup, it creates a bounce of light that makes your eyes look brighter.
  • Her must-have skin treatment: Intense Pulsed Light with Levulan once per year. “Your face will look terrible for five days. But then all the sunspots fall off, and your skin texture is great.”
  • When she doesn’t have time to get her nails done, Kate buffs them and runs a white nail pencil under the tips. “It’s like an au naturel French manicure.”
  • Kate’s cheap DIY way to whiten her teeth: rinse with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes once per week. (Don’t worry, it’s nontoxic and already in most whitening products; that doesn’t make it taste any better, though.)
  • Makeup artist Paula Dorf taught Kate to use black pencil to line the inside of upper lashes, then dot the lower lash line with it and blend. “Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to leave the house without it.”
  • Kate advises that synthetic ingredients in fragrances hold truer to their notes and smell the same on everyone, while natural ones change on different skins.

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