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Can You Straighten Your Hair with a Clothes Iron?

Today, we endeavor to answer one of those questions that, perhaps, should never have been asked: can one flat-iron one’s hair with a clothing iron?

Some ask, why? We ask, why not?

Okay, I’d preface this by saying “don’t try this at home” or some similar cliche, but the likely story is that you won’t try it at home anyway. Your real straightener is at home. This desperate act would undoubtedly occur in a hotel room on vacation where your CHI has been carelessly left unattended to like poor little Kevin McAllister.

This act, although unnatural, can be performed on hair of a certain length. (That means long.) Here’s whatcha do: Continue reading Can You Straighten Your Hair with a Clothes Iron?

Sassy Dove Talks Fashion

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Like most ladies, beauty isn’t my only girly interest; I’m also a lover of fashion. I’m fascinated by the beautiful models, high gloss photography and the elegant, sometimes artistic nature of it.

preppy fashionMy favorite fashion trends are preppy, conservative looks a la Blair Waldorf. I love Peter Pan collars, bows, and neutral colors. Charlotte from Sex & The City is my fashion idol – I love her buttoned-up Ralph Lauren look. Prints of tiny graphic animals are amass in my closet to the point of being a joke among my friends. I’m also very keen on tights, leggings and over-the-knee socks and boots, and my closet is filled with skirts and dresses to accompany them. I almost never wear pants or jeans. Prep school galore!

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Fragrance Friday: Ralph Hot By Ralph Lauren

Ralph_Lauren_Hot ReviewA sexy, lush fragrance, Ralph Hot’s scent makes me crave a mocha frappuccino every time I wear it. I originally got this scent years ago through BzzAgent (which, if you haven’t tried it, is a super cool way to try to new products and share about them – and no, they’re not paying me to say that). I liked it so much that I’ve kept purchasing it through the years. Priced at only $40 in the 3.4oz size, it’s a bargain perfect for date night.

  • Fragrance family: Oriental Gourmand
  • Top notes: Mandarin, almond blossom, cinnamon
  • Heart notes: Mocha cream, orchid, honeysuckle, jasmine, fresh milk, fig
  • Base notes: Maple, vanilla, amber, musk, sandalwood