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Dark Spot Correction the Right Way: Cartouche Hydro Bright Gel

The ears of many a Sassy Dove Youtube channel viewer seem to have perked up upon the mention of dark spot correction and skin lightening in my video “Step Into the Light“. You wanna talk about it – so let’s talk about it.

The subject bears some interesting discussion due to skin lightening’s shadowy (har) history; the concept of all-over skin lightening is an outdated ritual with heavy ties to the whitewashing of cultural differences. Many of us still look into spot-treatment lightening for darker areas, freckles, sun spots, etc — but even localized treatments have long used skin bleaching and harsh ingredients like hydroquinone, forcing users to sacrifice safety, efficacy and attractiveness of results.

Fortunately, times have changed. (Hallelujah!) Watch my video and learn more about this product’s modern approach to dark spot correction (plus, watch me try to pronounce stuff): Continue reading Dark Spot Correction the Right Way: Cartouche Hydro Bright Gel

Jillian Wright Breakout Blocker Clarifying Serum Review

Pimples. Remember them? Those awful new friends who started invading your face right around the time boys became cute? Some of us didn’t get to leave their torture behind with our impossible-to-remember locker combinations, and are still battling the little buggers daily.

I admit I probably get more pimples than I should, being almost 30. I’m reaching the dreaded simultaneous-wrinkles-and-pimples point of my life wherein everything about my face is either too young or too old. Goldilocks, look out!

Jillian Wright Skincare Breakout Blocker Acne Serum ReviewI’ve used a lot of serums before, but up to this point I’d never heard of one for treating breakouts. Therefore,Jillian Wright’s Breakout Blocker was of particular interest to me.

Products pumped full of medication can be drying and too harsh for my skin, especially out in the desert. Luckily, this serum is non-irritating, non-drying, and actually reduces redness rather than turning me into a strawberry like the rough stuff. And as I found out from Jillian Wright, when you have less redness, there is less trauma to the skin, hence minimizes premature aging. Continue reading Jillian Wright Breakout Blocker Clarifying Serum Review