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How to Up Your Candle Game with Candle Décor

Candles are a home décor item that is a consistent sellout. There’s a reason many wholesale home décor stores carry them. A dynamic form of décor, there are dozens of unique ways to use candles in every room of your home. All you need to start is a classic white candle.

Where you take your candle game from there can rely on several things. You should consider the candle’s location, the décor surrounding it, how many candles you want, and what configuration to put them in. These elements will impact the way you light a room. It will change the atmosphere created from an inexpensive candle décor arrangement.

Make your home look warm, romantic, and alive. Here is how to up your candle game with premium candle décor ideas.

1. Candles for Sitting Areas

Like our ancestors from centuries ago, human beings are naturally attracted to fire. Large parties with multiple sitting areas use candles to light pathways or position on tables where you intend people to sit. They are used frequently for evening parties, weddings, graduations, and milestone celebrations.

2. Colored Candles

If the room feels a little empty, take it upon yourself to blend in an arrangement of differently colored candles. You want your candles to exhibit the same design style. For example, the candles can be single-color, layered colors, monochromatic, or three-color. If you choose to use various colored candles, ensure they look unified when placed side by side together.

3. Candles at Varying Heights

You may choose to create a home décor arrangement with candles with varying heights. Setup can be done by simply altering the surface on which a candle is presented. Be sure to orchestrate them in a gradual short-to-tall motion. You do not want to scramble candles at different heights and make them look random.

4. Mirrored Candle Trays

Mirrors and candles are a chic combo. Most people search for mirrors to hang or mount. Take yours and lay it flat. You can do this with any reflective surface. A candle placed here increases the light output and adds some visual intrigue that can admittedly be a little spooky. Ideally, you also want to avoid color clashes by matching the vibe of the candle to the mirror’s borders.

5. Candles in a V Form

An over-turned open-form ‘V’ is the perfect eye-catching presentation for a candle. Some decorators will DIY their backdrop with gemstones or use two mirrors meeting at a point with a candle arrangement in front. Tinted mirrors or tinted glass are also options. There are lots of opportunities to come up with a one-of-a-kind glittery décor arrangement here that twinkles.

6. Candles in a Birdcage

A birdcage has lots of air flowing through it. So long as the material isn’t coated with something flammable, putting one or more candles in a birdcage is an elegant and subtle way to feature them in your home décor. For this, you may want to save this presentation for only the most luxurious of occasions.

7. Small Fireplaces for Candles

A fireplace is just a box turned on one of its sides. Use this as a basis for creating little fireplaces in your space. Alternatively, if you have a fireplace already built into your home, use that! Place classic white pillar candles inside, ensuring the flame isn’t burning the top, and enjoy. If you’re nervous about the flame burning your fireplace box, remove the lid or consider a birdcage-Esque open design.

8. Mounted Candle Holder Pairs

Mounted candles are one of the most popular candle décor choices in modern minimalist homes. There are so many styles to use with how you mount. You can do this through mini-shelving, freestanding furniture, hooks, or other means. If you mount your candles, ensure you hang in pairs. A candle mounted on its looks lonely and unnatural in most examples.

9. Candles in Glass Bowls

Take a large glass punching bowl and fill it in with rocks to add interest to the piece. Then, position candles on top and ensure they are held firmly in place by the stones surrounding them. Alternatively, if you have a large glass bowl already filled with objects, you can repurpose it and up your candle game.

10. Candles in Mason Jars

If you do not want to crowd a set of candles together in a large glass bowl, split them up in a collection of mason jars instead. Arts and crafts doers love this because they can create minimalist-inspired terrarium arrangements. You can also decorate the outside with wrapped twine, wrapped ribbon, or other materials. The more mason jars, the better as well.

11. Single Candle for Mindfulness

Light your candle. Practice mindfulness. Blow out your candle. Make this a basic routine you use to lock into mindfulness quicker. Many people use a single candle for prayer as well. If you maintain a practice where a candle could benefit, add one to yours. Often, it is as simple as a large white candle on a plate.

12. Create a Dining Table Centerpiece

A dining table centerpiece is never going to be strictly candles. You may want to incorporate artificial plants, glass, metal, stone, or non-flammable abstract pieces. Go wild. Find a personality for your dining room, starting with a properly fitted centerpiece complete with a candle arrangement for light.

13. Make a Statement with a Lantern

Candles look their most magical when placed in a lantern. They’re also a very safe way to enjoy a lit candle, perfect for anyone apprehensive about an open flame indoors. Also, lanterns do not all look the same. If the typical rectangular, industrial-looking lantern isn’t appealing, try for something a little more abstract.

Fall Outdoor Furniture: Top 5 Furniture Material That Can Endure Cold Weather and How to Take Care of Them

The fall season is arguably the best season of the year. The leaves start changing colors to offer the most beautiful scenic view, and the air turns crisp and cold. If you have a backyard or garden with well-maintained plants and foliage, you are among the luckiest few who can experience the magic right at their doorsteps.

Therefore, the fall season is the best when it comes to lounging outside in your garden or backyard. If you have comfortable and sturdy furniture outside that can stand the harshness of cold weather, you can have your own slice of heaven in your home.

When weather forecasts like Weather Tomorrow tell you that the fall has come knocking, it’s time to either add new furniture or upgrade the ones you already have. The weather forecast services also let you know future weather in advance so that you can plan a get-together at your home to flaunt your cool new furniture. Here are some furniture materials that will stand the test of cold weather and last long.

Natural Cedar

Natural cedar is one of the most popular choices when it comes to patio furniture. The look and aesthetics of cedar furniture blend well with the natural setup, but they are pretty durable as well. Cedar is naturally resistant against bush and rot. You can either leave the wood au natural or paint and stain it to your liking. Having said that, cedar furniture does need some upkeep to look pristine.

You need to know that cedar is a porous wood, which means it has a risk of staining easily and discolor over time. Therefore, it’s advised to keep them under covers or inside when not in use for a prolonged duration. If there’s already some unfortunate staining, you can use a bleach or water solution to rub it out.

Teak Wood

Teak wood is yet another popular choice of material for patio furniture. In fact, teak wood furniture happens to be the option with the lowest maintenance and is also cost-effective. The best advantage is that teak wood is naturally resistant to any weather and will fit in any yard in any part of the country. Moreover, teak wood furniture comes in various natural hues, giving you the option to pick a shade that blends the best in your yard.

Unlike cedar, teak tends to develop mildew, which then stains the furniture. The solution is quite simple; you need to dust off the furniture frequently to bring down the risk. There are teak wood cleaners available in the market to get rid of the tougher stains.

Wrought Iron

The wrought iron furniture is a more upscale option as it costs quite a bit compared to its wooden counterparts. However, they are the sturdiest of the patio furniture options, have a premium look to them, and can be styled to fit the aesthetics of your yard or garden. It goes without saying that if you are in an area that experiences harsh fall and winter, this is the option to pick.

The wrought iron furniture can save money in the long run as they last a very long duration. However, they still need regular maintenance to stay in shape. The best way to avoid any issue is by regularly wiping it with soap and water. Make sure that you wipe it clean and dry once you are done, as any residual liquid will cause it to rust. Additionally, make sure to take care of any cracks or scratches as that will also cause rust.

Cast Aluminium

Cast Aluminium is yet another popular metal option for patio furniture because of its elegance and durability. Because, unlike wrought iron, cast aluminum doesn’t rust and will last for a long time. Moreover, cast aluminum furniture is also lighter than other options listed above and easier to move around. However, you may need to weigh it down to avoid flailing around if you live in an area with strong winds, which is a common occurrence in fall.

The caring routine for cast aluminum is the same as other options listed above. Store it inside during humid conditions and intense storms. Take care of any scratches or exposed areas to avoid decay and rub baby oil in the crevices to prevent dirt buildup.

Plastic and Resin

Plastic and resin furniture are the most inexpensive option available in the patio section of any furniture store, online or offline. There’s a reason why it’s the least expensive option despite being easiest to maintain and move around. The material itself has the shortest lifespan of all the options listed above and will require replacement every couple of years.

Cooler seasons like fall and winter won’t affect the plastic or resin furniture, but it’s advisable to weigh them down to avoid getting swept by the gust of wind. Clean the furniture with soap water solution and a brush when it gets dirty.

So these were the top patio furniture materials that are popular with customers. Take into consideration the weather in your area and pick the suitable material that will withstand the same.