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What would YOU wear to your Oscars debut?

  It’s that time of the year again: the Academy Awards are here, a time when we laud actresses for wearing expensive dresses they don’t own and sporting hairstyles and makeup someone else did for them. 
But how many times has Taylor Swift worn Elie Saab and Valentino? Wouldn’t it be a much more interesting affair to watch us neophytes try to gracefully lug 9-foot trains down the red carpet in 5-inch Manolos?

We’d instead love to see the civilian Oscars: regular people fielding E! reporter questions while remembering not to smudge their lipstick. 
To that end, today we ask you: what would your Oscar style be, from head to toe? What designers would you wear? Would you sport Old Hollywood hair and red lips? A plunging neckline and sequins? Something safe, tried-and-true — or would you dare to go modern, abstract, bold – COUTURE?
We want to hear all about it in the comments below. Describe anything and everything, from pin curls to peep toes! 

Forget Gigi: Let’s Talk About Bella Hadid

Everyone is up in arms about Gigi Hadid lately – she’s got that California girl thing down. And you know her mom (also a former model) Yolanda Foster from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But have you seen her sister Bella?

Bella Hadid for ELLE

Bella is a model herself (above for ELLE Magazine), and possesses all of her sister’s beauty, but with a very different appeal. Here she is walking the runway for Desigual: Continue reading Forget Gigi: Let’s Talk About Bella Hadid

The Ultimate Fashion Week Trend: Being Comfy. #BringComfyBack

dior-cruise-2015 fashion comfy
Dior Cruise 2015 – A scarf as pants is pretty much as comfy as it gets.

New York Fashion Week officially kicks off September 10, and between all the carwash pleats I’m noticing a promising trend among the trends: being comfy.

From “athleisure” (even T. Swift wore it to the VMAs) to all the wedge-and-chunky-heel action floating around these days, comfort is back in style. (And may I say along with all the other girls who have tromped from show to show in impossible 5-inch heels – THANK GOD!)

Here are some tips for staying fashionably comfy this NYFW 2015 season: Continue reading The Ultimate Fashion Week Trend: Being Comfy. #BringComfyBack

When Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj Fight, We All Somehow Both Win & Lose.

Taylor Swift 2015 Grammys Elie Saab
Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj had an impromptu Twitter fight. It was about 1% of what we wanted it to be. 

By now you’ve seen the Twitter battle between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, which is dividing B-girls and teeny boppers the world over. There’s so much about this I wouldn’t have predicted (like T. Swift jumping in on the shenanigans in the first place), but the weirdest thing is that it felt like both a win and a loss for the rest of us.

Y’all know Sassy isn’t about having a sociopolitical debate, so we’re gonna leave Nicki’s original argument on the table. However, here are the most important points of the beef, some of which will have both camps kicking me to the TMZ-watching curb: Continue reading When Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj Fight, We All Somehow Both Win & Lose.

Our Biggest Beauty #Giveaway EVER. $1,694 in Prizes!

Help I suck at hair coverAre you ready for this? We are celebrating my new book,  “HELP! I Suck at Hair: Tips, tricks and insider secrets for the hair challenged” , with our biggest beauty giveaway EVER.

We’re giving away seven total MASSIVE prize packs with goodies from Redken, Paul Mitchell, Odylique, Daily Concepts, YBF Skincare and NeoCell…

Taylor Swift Surprised
Taylor’s not even ready for this jelly.

Continue reading Our Biggest Beauty #Giveaway EVER. $1,694 in Prizes!