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This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful For Your Beauty

Today is Thanksgiving, a day to remember what we’re thankful for – and I’d like to touch on a subject that’s tough for many modern women: ¬†being thankful for our beauty, both inside and out.

We spend a lot of time criticizing ourselves, particularly when it comes to beauty. I promise you, though – no matter who you are, you possess a beauty like no one else.

Happy Thanksgiving 1950s Woman With TurkeySo today, I’m asking all the readers out there to stop wishing for bigger eyes and smaller butts, and to simply take one day to be thankful for what makes you beautiful. ¬†Whatever it is. Continue reading This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful For Your Beauty

Thanksgiving Makeup Tips & Tricks

There are many reasons to want to get your makeup perfect for Thanksgiving: maybe you’re meeting the man’s family for the first time and you want to look your best. Maybe you treat this as the yearly family reunion and you want to show the Judgment Gallery how far you’ve come. Maybe you just wanna look hot for Turkey Day. Nothin’ wrong with that!

Whatever the reason, there’s great strategy to all makeup looks, and Thanksgiving makeup is no exception. Here are some tips on getting your Thanksgiving beauty look right: Continue reading Thanksgiving Makeup Tips & Tricks