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Gary Fieldman explains about Zichron Yaakov – An atmosphere of abroad

Many residents and visitors of Zichron Yaakov tend to say that the atmosphere in this city is from someplace else, not of Israel, perhaps of Western Europe. They are not wrong. Zichron Yaakov is blessed by breathtaking green nature surrounding the old settlement and attributes an atmosphere and feeling of a faraway land. 

Gary Fieldman, a real estate agent and an expert in Zichron Yaakov and its surroundings, wrote a list of breathtaking tours you must do in Zichron Yaakov. All of these tours demonstrate the unbelievable nature surrounding Zichron Yaakov. Now, there is no longer a need to travel abroad for a fantastic natural vacation. 

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Ein Tzur spring

The hiking trail to Ein Tzur is one of the popular trails in Ramat Hanadiv. The path is suitable for families and passes through open forest landscapes with views to the east on its way to the Nikva spring with an aqueduct, pools and an ancient bathhouse.

Ein Tzur is a beautiful spring that flows all year round, and next to it is an ancient villa and bathhouse. The spring, within Ramat Hanadiv, is accessible by a short walk and is a pleasant spot for a visit and a picnic. An impressive bathhouse where we can identify the three rooms that characterize a Roman bathhouse: the cold room, the lukewarm room and the hot room. The transition between the chambers was designed to accustom the body to the heat of the steam. 

The Maish cave

The Maish Cave is an impressive karst cave located on the eastern slope of Eden Hill and overlooks Wadi Milk. The length of the cave is about 40 meters and at the end is a large and ancient Maish tree coming out of the cave’s entrance.

 Along the route, you could spot a typical Mediterranean grove. Abundant with beautiful climbers, olive trees, oak and more. The benches on the path offer a great view, where you can also drink coffee, relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty. You can visit inside the cave – it is recommended to come with flashlights.

Carmel Park

Carmel Mountain is networked with hiking trails, parking lots and lookout points. Routes for car trips, paths for hiking, parking lots equipped for rest and picnics, and stunning landscape views. Carmel Park is the largest national park in the northern region. The park covers an area of ​​about 84000 dunams and is dedicated to preserving nature and the landscape.

Ramat Hanadiv

Ramay Hanadiv includes spectacular and pastoral gardens to commemorate Baron Rothschild and his wife and a nature park with three hiking trails and two cycling trails. 

Do you wish to learn more about the natural sites in Zichron Yaakov and its surroundings? Then, do not hesitate to contact Gary Fieldman today for any further information. Gary Fieldman is a real estate agent and expert in the natural surroundings of Zichron Yaakov. Contact him to find out more about what Zichron Yaakov has to offer to its visitors. 

The Extras Offered by Extended Stay Hotels

Most people think of extended-stay hotels as places to stay for a week or two while they are in town on business. But these hotels offer much more than just a place to sleep at night. Many longer-stay hotels offer extra amenities that can make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. The Roost Extended Stay Philadelphia is a great option for staying longer and enjoying the culture and history of this part of America.

Laundry Services

Many extended-stay hotels offer extended housekeeping and laundry facilities on site so you can do your laundry without having to leave the hotel. This will save you from having to pack so many clothes when you go away or end up with a bag of dirty clothes to wash upon your return home. It is essential, too, when you are staying for any length of time anywhere to have such a service.

Different options might mean the hotel launders your clothes or you have a place to do it yourself that is part of the hotel’s complex. Then, of course, the hotel will sort the bedding for your room out and make sure that it is always fresh and comfortable. Luxury hotels will offer luxury materials for bedding.

Pools and Gyms

And some extended-stay hotels even have swimming pools and fitness centers for their guests to use. This can help maintain fitness levels without having to look for another gym in a city that may not be worth becoming a member of unless you plan to stay for much longer. With a hotel gym option, you can be a member for as long as you are a guest of the hotel and often as part of the package.

It is important to stay fit and healthy wherever you are. With the right equipment at the hotel, you can be assured of that. Luxury hotels tend to have the very latest gym equipment to please their guests. It goes hand in hand with the luxury to have the best gym machines available. As well, there will be plenty to go around so that many guests are satisfied at the same time. You will get to know the same people that are using the gym and make many new friendships in the process.

Swimming is a low-impact activity as well as it is relaxing to soak in a pool. It depends on the type of swim that you want and hotels can cater to different kinds. There are heating pools, for instance, and rooftop ones for an outdoor experience like no other. Depending on the hotel location you might have some very nice views, from city skylines to beaches, to greenery and mountains.


You will welcome free Wi-Fi if staying for any length of time. To pay for it could work out quite costly, otherwise. Many hotel setups can mean that internet access is in hotel rooms and not just in other rooms around the hotel. This is so convenient for those on long business trips as well as those on longer more residential arrangments.

We can continue to make contact with those that we know or do business with while staying at the hotel. This helps with continuity and is vital when staying for any length of time. Today’s hotel stays are more about technology that perhaps forgetting about everything back at home. It all depends on what type of hotel adventure you are seeking. We may want to get away from it all or live at the hotel like it is home. Home comforts are something that luxury hotels are particularly good at providing guests with, however long they plan to stay. Then those hotels geared to longer stays will offer more besides ensuring that guests remain comfortable for the duration of their stay.

So, if you are looking for a place to stay while you are in a city, such as Philadelphia, perhaps, if in the US, then be sure to check out the extended-stay hotels there before you set off. You may be surprised at all the extras they offer!

Your Guide to Planning a Safe and Enjoyable Road Trip Across the USA

Whether you go on road trips regularly or you’re about to go on one for the very first time, there is one very important detail you shouldn’t overlook – safety. From how you can stay safe to how making your own rules can allow you to enjoy your trip, here are just a few things to keep in mind before planning the road trip of a lifetime.

The importance of proper preparation
When it comes to a long haul road trip, preparation is extremely important, though oftentimes overlooked. In fact, nearly half of Americans don’t check that proper emergency items are in the car before heading out onto the road, according to one Liberty Mutual Insurance New Beginnings Report. That said, one vital aspect of being prepared before any road trip is to have a comprehensive emergency kit ready to go. With items like first aid supplies, a back up phone charger, and car-specific supplies (such as jumper cables and other tools), you can be sure you’re prepared for situations like a flat tire. 

While you can prepare by packing a generalized emergency kit, it’s also imperative that you’re prepared in case of a car accident as well. While nobody wants to think about the worst case scenario when on a road trip, having important information regarding insurance, your emergency contacts, and the number of a car accident injury attorney on hand can make such a situation less frustrating.This can be especially important in such a situation if you’re injured, as you’ll want to know your legal options (after contacting the police and getting medical attention, of course). Because car accidents can often lead to life-altering injuries — such as broken limbs, spinal injuries, and more, having this information on hand can allow you to get in touch with the right people as soon as possible.
How weather can play a role
In addition to being prepared in a generalized sense, it’s important to take into account the fact that the weather can also play a role in being prepared as well. For instance, because the United States features a vast array of weather climates, a variety of situations are possible — including flash flooding, icy roads, and pop-up storms (depending on the area of the country you’re in and the time of year, of course). In fact, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) said that more than 5.8 million vehicle crashes occur each year based on statistics from 2007—2016, with 21% of those involving hazardous weather. While monitoring the weather before and during your trip is always ideal, however, it’s just as vital to have a plan in place in case the weather creates a situation in which you’re unable to continue on your route — especially if you’re inexperienced with driving in inclement weather. That said, having emergency weather supplies on hand, such as extra food, blankets, water, and tools like an ice scraper can be helpful in a variety of weather-related situations..
Making your own rules
Due to the stress that planning a road trip can cause, there are boundaries you can put into place to ensure you’re enjoying the journey as much as possible. For instance, making a rule beforehand as to how long a driver is allowed to drive can help cut down on frustration, especially if your trip will be particularly long. Additionally, making a rule regarding electronic use is another valuable consideration, which can help create a dynamic that will allow everyone in the vehicle to stay present in the moment. One great idea to keep everyone in the vehicle entertained and engaged is by planning out interactive games to play along the way, such as I Spy or the License Plate Game.
Planning the perfect road trip across the United States can be a daunting and stressful event, especially when there are so many factors to plan ahead for. From safety preparations to boundaries you can set beforehand, taking the time to plan out your trip will allow for both a safe and enjoyable journey.

9 Realistic Business Goals to Set for Your Next Trip

For veteran business professionals, corporate trips become routine. Nonetheless, they benefit from setting goals as much as the novice. 

Goals help professionals focus. Even though you find yourself at a convention with thousands of other peers, you can still accomplish at least one goal. 

It’s tougher to accomplish some ideas over others. For example, a business deal doesn’t always close on the first, second, or third try. That’s something that requires groundwork and perseverance. 

Staying present is a goal that professionals can accomplish. It’s a choice, and it sets the tone for the trip.

The following are nine realistic business goals to set for your next trip.

1. Execute the Trip’s Purpose

Companies invest in corporate travel, especially small- and mid-size shops. This means that the traveler must execute the trip’s purpose.

As previously mentioned, closing a business deal requires timing and research. If the deal does not close, attempt to get closer to closing it on the next try.

The top reasons why professionals travel include:

  • Client meeting
  • Training and development
  • Conventions, conferences, and seminars
  • Trade shows
  • Meet with company colleagues in other offices

Making a business connection with at least one peer is a great way to make the most out of a meeting and conference.

Then, ensure that you execute the reason for the trip.

2. Arrive at the Airport with Time to Spare

A realistic goal is to arrive at the airport with time to spare. It’s one thing to experience a delay that is out of your control. It’s another to arrive at the airport late and miss the flight.

Last-minute travel in the corporate world happens. When you have enough time to plan, arrive early.

Arriving early at the airport affords you time to review trip documents, your itinerary, and reports. You can read, listen to a podcast, or meditate too.

When you fly business class, arrive early and enjoy the lounge.  

If your trip is taking you internationally, take a peek at a checklist provided by Hotel Engine.

3. Catch Up on Email

During corporate travel, you will experience downtime. Unless you drive to your destination, flying and riding on trains, cabs, or rideshares affords you time to catch up on email.

You also have time to return calls.

Therefore, productively use your time. Set a goal to clean up your inbox, voicemail, and pending to-do list.

4. Meet Three New Business Colleagues

Veteran corporate travelers believe that their peers should never eat alone during a trip. Traveling for business affords the professional opportunities to set meal dates.

It’s also an opportunity to meet at least three new business colleagues. 

When an office, company, or organization hosts out-of-town professionals, they provide materials to help them get around. They help connect out-of-towners too. 

You can also take initiative and network

5. Increase Brand Awareness

Travel is a good time to increase brand awareness. Entrepreneurs and small business owners must remain on the hunt for new business and clients. 

The local market probably knows that your brand exists. Does the regional, state, and national market know it too?

Increasing awareness is as simple as handing out business cards, starting a conversation with other corporate travelers, and handing out useful corporate swag such as pens. 

6. Find a New Business Idea

The start-up sector has shown the world that it’s possible to complete work tasks in new ways.

Traveling is healthy for entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives. The change in environment helps spark innovative juices; it also helps you see how others in the same field solve problems.

Therefore, aim to find a new business idea or an adjustment that helps your company solve problems more efficiently. 

7. Pick Up a New Skill

A related goal is picking up a new skill. Keep in mind that you don’t always need a completely new one. Instead, search for ways to improve on a current process. 

Small ideas and innovations help spark a bigger match.

8. Complete Expense Reports

Before you return to the office after a trip, aim to complete your expense reports. It prevents procrastination.

Since the trip is fresh in your mind, you can complete the reports more quickly. Plus, you can record your receipts before you have an opportunity to lose them. 

9. Send Thank You Notes

It’s good manners and business etiquette to send thank you notes. In 2022, a thank you email is efficient. Sending hand-written notes adds a solid touch.

The point is to touch base with colleagues that you touched base with during your travels. This takes your networking game up a notch.


Business trips provide opportunities to grow as a professional. You can set goals to further your company’s interests and yours as a professional. Setting objectives optimizes your time and travel.

How to Pack Dress Shirts

Packing dress shirts can be a stressful experience – especially if you are packing for work or a special event. After all, you don’t want to end up with a wrinkly dress shirt before a big meeting or wedding! Even if it seems that no matter what you do you still end up with an unwearable dress shirt, there are some new things that you can try to ensure that your dress shirt can come out of the suitcase looking great and ready to wear! Here’s everything you need to know about how to pack dress shirts:


The first method of packing dress shirts involves the classic folding method. However, folding a dress shirt isn’t really that straightforward. Thankfully, it just takes a little bit of practice to learn how to fold a dress shirt like a pro and prevent wrinkles. Here are the steps to follow:

·  Lay the shirt face down on a flat surface with the sleeves out

· Fold one of the arms inward a few inches so that the edge of the shirt is in a straight line

· Take the arm of the shirt and fold the top of it in a diagonal shape so that the cuff of the shirt is straight against the bottom hem

· Repeat this process on the other side of the shirt

· Fold the shirt in half from the bottom to the middle, and then again from the middle to the top


Another method of packing shirts is rolling. If you’re a seasoned traveler then you may have heard of the rolling method before but probably not for dress shirts! But hear us out, it totally works and here’s how to do it:

·  Start with the shirt face down on a flat surface with the sleeves out

·  Fold the shirt in half so that the sleeves are on top of each other

·  Fold the arms of the shirt inward so that the cuffs are in line with the bottom hem of the shirt

·  Smooth out any wrinkled and begin to roll the shirt tightly from bottom to top

Material Matters

Even though the method of packing dress shirts to prevent wrinkles is important, you still need to remember that not all dress shirts are created equal. Dress shirts come in a range of different materials – some that are more prone to wrinkles than others. So before you travel with a dress shirt, it might be a good idea to check out the material to get an idea of how it will hold up on the road. Here are some of the different dress shirt materials and how prone they are to wrinkles:

·  100% Cotton: Cotton dress shirts are nice but they do wrinkle pretty easily.

·  Cotton/Polyester Blend: Blended dress shirts are a cheaper option than 100% cotton and they don’t wrinkle as much.

·  Performance: Performance shirts are a different dress shirt option that’s quite wrinkle resistant and even moisture-wicking as well!

Be Prepared

Finally, even if you pack the right dress shirt perfectly, there’s still a chance that you could end up with wrinkles so you need to be prepared to deal with that! Here are some quick fixes for annoying wrinkles on the road:

·  The classic iron and ironing board

·  Steaming your dress shirt with the steam from a hot shower

·  A portable clothes steamer

·  Travel-sized wrinkle-removing spray

Packing dress shirts can be a frustrating experience – but it doesn’t have to be! Taking the time and effort to pack your dress shirts properly can save you a lot of stress and headaches later on. However, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan and be prepared to fix any issues prior to your big interview, conference, party, etc.