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How to Find a Legal CBD Oil Shop to Help with Your Health Needs

There are a lot of ways on how you can take care of your health. The oldest tricks in the book include eating the right kinds of food and exercising regularly. As long as these are done consistently, these strategies can go a long way in achieving your health and fitness goals. But if you want to take it up a notch and expedite the process, consider using CBD oils for your health needs. More and more people are now using these products because they provide a long list of benefits – some of the benefits aren’t provided by over-the-counter medications. While CBD oil products have already gained its popularity, this doesn’t mean that you should buy one right away. Making hasty decisions can lead you to buy substandard and even illegal CBD oil products.

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I want to achieve total wellness in 2016 – come what may.



I have something very personal to share with you today.

Health and wellness are incredibly important to me, but I let them fall by the wayside at the end of 2015. Wine and holiday cheer were a bit more important, but I thought, “eh, I’ll turn it around in the New Year.”

Then in January, a close family friend passed away very unexpectedly. I’ve been trying not to let it overtake my efforts, especially because health + wellness could have made all the difference for him — all the more reason to take care of oneself. Still – it’s been hard. Continue reading I want to achieve total wellness in 2016 – come what may.

The Best Vitamin You’re Not Taking.


Are you a vitamin and supplement junkie like me? If not, why not? Jump on the train.

(If it’s because you’re afraid of overdosing or think it’s not healthy to get your nutrients from supplements, cue my rant. Even the most permissive stats suggest that, at MAX, <10 deaths in the last 30 years were vitamin related [source, source]. Conversely, how many deaths were related to malnutrition? How many to prescription drugs taken as a reaction to illnesses caused by deficiencies that could have been avoided through supplementation?) Continue reading The Best Vitamin You’re Not Taking.

Giveaway: Win TWO Bottles of Keratin Hair Volumizer!

Keratin Hair Volumizer GiveawayAs my devoted readers know, I am wholly into beauty from the inside out and taking vitamins for your hair, nails and skin. That’s why I was SO excited to hear about this product from NeoCell that’s getting tons of attention: their Keratin Hair Volumizer.

NeoCell just won Best New Beauty and Spa product for their Keratin Hair Volumizer formula at the NEOP Europe, and Vanity Fair magazine recently gave Keratin Hair Volumizer their #1 spot in recommended hair products! Those are some pretty high honors in the beauty world.
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Top 10 Ways To Grow Longer, Stronger Nails

Top 10 Ways to Grow Longer, Stronger NailsThe trend right now leans toward short, polished and slightly rounded nails – a great, low-maintenance windfall for ladies with healthy nails whose only concern is which polish color is the next big thing. But if your nails are constantly breaking or your fingers look a little pudgy when your nails are too short, it’s more likely you turn to French solar tips or acrylics for pretty nail days.

Give the fake nails up, ladies! They’re expensive and out of fashion. Instead, grow your nails longer and stronger with these tips:

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