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The Best Thing You’re NOT Doing For Your Teeth [VIDEO]

I say this without conceit: unless you’re a professional cupcake tester, you should probably be jealous of my job. There are many fantastic, extraordinary things about doing what I do on a daily basis (and then there are the days where I’m attached to the laptop so long that my butt falls asleep).

One of the best things about my mode d’emploi is that I get to discover new, revolutionary trends and products before the masses know they exist. Then I proceed to spread its gospel, and ultimately, I feel I’ve affected the world somehow (although what great advancements come from mermaid hair, I don’t honestly know).

Today’s product is one of those new revolutions: oral probiotics. Say wha?

I know what you’re thinking – “probiotics are for Jamie Lee Curtis’s intestines, not my mouth.” But seriously, I think they’re the wave of the future. I predict that in five years, everyone will be popping one of these bad boys with their AM vitamins.

Just check out my video review:

Get a brand new bottle at Amazon for $28.95 – OR, if you’re a savvy shopper, use this coupon code QS7ZBOOZ to get $5 off between now and 9/30. Give it to me, I’m worth it!

Thanks to Great Oral Health for sponsoring this post and providing their excellent product to us gratis. As with everything on this site, all opinions are 100% my own, and I’m one opinionated girl.

One thought on “The Best Thing You’re NOT Doing For Your Teeth [VIDEO]”

  1. This is an insteresting idea and it makes sense.. hm… I might have to try that. Also might be good for my preteen, she unfortunately has really bad breath.

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