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Ten Things You Should Know before Meeting Baby Diamond earrings

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Diamonds have fascinated the world since times immemorial. Nothing can be so much of a gift to your baby as much as can be a pair of baby diamond earrings. You may wonder why earrings and why not a pendant on a chain, a bracelet, a tiara or even a ring?

Well reasons are many, a ring & a bracelet can be lost anytime as babies suffer from short attention span. A tiara is too much for the baby to carry. A pendant on a chain is delicate and if the baby takes fancy of it, there is a chance they would tear it apart.

A pair of earrings is the safest piece of jewelry for a baby as it is invisible to them and can’t be removed easily by them like the finger rings.

But before you head onto buying a pair of baby diamond earrings there are few things you should know about them. 

Here, we go!

  • Diamonds are basically three types- lab-grown, fancy-colored diamonds and mined specimens.
  • Check the clarity metrics, ideally there are 8 grades of clarity to choose from.
  • Find out what really suits you- VS1 (very slight inclusions 1) or VS2 (very slight inclusions 2). Depending on your pocket, and depending on the size of the diamonds you prefer for your baby diamond earrings you can choose either one.
  • Focus on the four famous C’s of diamonds- cut, clarity, color, and carat. Don’t just go with the price but the diamond jewelry is built around these 4Cs, so enquire about them well.
  • Often known as conflict-free or sustainable diamonds, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds but grown in artificial temperature and pressure conditions. If you’re willing to gift your baby, diamond earrings try to go for an environment friendly piece.
  • Never go for any piece of diamond that is not hallmarked. Alternatively, a GIA stamp can suffice.
  • Compare the settings of your baby diamond earrings and go for the one you like. For example, there is martini and basket styles in addition to prongs. Very small hoops or studs are the best since they are least likely to be caught in obstruction. 
  • Find out more about the metal which holds the baby diamond earrings, since it should be a hypoallergenic metal always when buying for a baby.
  • To save, you can go for a colour variety which is between H-J, the small color difference will not look any different from far but will make a huge difference to your pocket.
  • Choose lever backs or push backs for your babies as they can be more comfortable to their tiny ears.

Here’s a brief guide pointing to all the essentials you need to keep in mind when purchasing a pair of baby diamond earrings. Make sure you have checked everything before you purchase a memorable gift for your baby. A gift is worth many words and a gift as precious as a pair of baby diamond earrings can be worth your love and affection.

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