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Thanksgiving Makeup Tips & Tricks

Thanksgiving Makeup 1950s Woman Cooking Turkey

There are many reasons to want to get your makeup perfect for Thanksgiving: maybe you’re meeting the man’s family for the first time and you want to look your best. Maybe you treat this as the yearly family reunion and you want to show the Judgment Gallery how far you’ve come. Maybe you just wanna look hot for Turkey Day. Nothin’ wrong with that!

Whatever the reason, there’s great strategy to all makeup looks, and Thanksgiving makeup is no exception. Here are some tips on getting your Thanksgiving beauty look right:

  • Thanksgiving Makeup Autumn Lips Fall EyesConsider your audience: this is a family holiday, not a night at the club, so unless everyone in your family is Ke$ha, you may want to lay off the glitter. Matte and a little shimmer is fine – glitter is no.
  • Harvest colors, jewel tones and earth tones work best this time of year. Try my fall makeup tips and tricks, which all work awesome for Thanksgiving holiday makeup. Here are some great color ideas:
    • Gold
    • Olive
    • Burnt orange
    • Bronze
    • Cranberry
  • Thanksgiving is about eating, which makes lip color tricky. Try a lip stain or truly long-lasting lipcolor: in my opinion Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick is the only way to go.  Keep it in your pocket or hide it in a drawer in the guest bathroom for emergency touchups.
  • The smoky eye is a great solution to the Thanksgiving makeup dilemma. Kim Kardashian’s smoky eye makeup is famous, so give hers a try.
  • Fashion is as important as makeup in Thanksgiving beauty. My favorite looks for the holiday include any of the colors above, plus:
    • Cowl necks
    • Riding boots
    • A pilgrim collar
  • Follow our Fall Into Fall board on Pinterest for more tips!

What are your Thanksgiving beauty go-to ideas?

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