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The Extras Offered by Extended Stay Hotels

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Most people think of extended-stay hotels as places to stay for a week or two while they are in town on business. But these hotels offer much more than just a place to sleep at night. Many longer-stay hotels offer extra amenities that can make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. The Roost Extended Stay Philadelphia is a great option for staying longer and enjoying the culture and history of this part of America.

Laundry Services

Many extended-stay hotels offer extended housekeeping and laundry facilities on site so you can do your laundry without having to leave the hotel. This will save you from having to pack so many clothes when you go away or end up with a bag of dirty clothes to wash upon your return home. It is essential, too, when you are staying for any length of time anywhere to have such a service.

Different options might mean the hotel launders your clothes or you have a place to do it yourself that is part of the hotel’s complex. Then, of course, the hotel will sort the bedding for your room out and make sure that it is always fresh and comfortable. Luxury hotels will offer luxury materials for bedding.

Pools and Gyms

And some extended-stay hotels even have swimming pools and fitness centers for their guests to use. This can help maintain fitness levels without having to look for another gym in a city that may not be worth becoming a member of unless you plan to stay for much longer. With a hotel gym option, you can be a member for as long as you are a guest of the hotel and often as part of the package.

It is important to stay fit and healthy wherever you are. With the right equipment at the hotel, you can be assured of that. Luxury hotels tend to have the very latest gym equipment to please their guests. It goes hand in hand with the luxury to have the best gym machines available. As well, there will be plenty to go around so that many guests are satisfied at the same time. You will get to know the same people that are using the gym and make many new friendships in the process.

Swimming is a low-impact activity as well as it is relaxing to soak in a pool. It depends on the type of swim that you want and hotels can cater to different kinds. There are heating pools, for instance, and rooftop ones for an outdoor experience like no other. Depending on the hotel location you might have some very nice views, from city skylines to beaches, to greenery and mountains.


You will welcome free Wi-Fi if staying for any length of time. To pay for it could work out quite costly, otherwise. Many hotel setups can mean that internet access is in hotel rooms and not just in other rooms around the hotel. This is so convenient for those on long business trips as well as those on longer more residential arrangments.

We can continue to make contact with those that we know or do business with while staying at the hotel. This helps with continuity and is vital when staying for any length of time. Today’s hotel stays are more about technology that perhaps forgetting about everything back at home. It all depends on what type of hotel adventure you are seeking. We may want to get away from it all or live at the hotel like it is home. Home comforts are something that luxury hotels are particularly good at providing guests with, however long they plan to stay. Then those hotels geared to longer stays will offer more besides ensuring that guests remain comfortable for the duration of their stay.

So, if you are looking for a place to stay while you are in a city, such as Philadelphia, perhaps, if in the US, then be sure to check out the extended-stay hotels there before you set off. You may be surprised at all the extras they offer!

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