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The Importance of Waterproofing your Basement


A basement can add a lot of space to your home. Some people use them as playrooms, apartments, and guest areas. You can enjoy your basement more when the space remains dry and safe. Failure to waterproof a basement can result in water damage and dangerous mold. The porous nature of cement allows water to absorb easily. This can then cause humidity, mold, and water damage in your basement. Seal your new basement and repeat the process every 2- 5 years to prevent damage. 

Your Health

The air quality in your home contributes to your health. When moisture enters the home, it can lead to mold. Once mold starts to grow, it spreads quickly. This can lead to costly damage control and repairs. You may notice high humidity in the entire home if moisture gets into your basement. Many people have an allergic reaction to mold, making it difficult to stay healthy when moisture enters the home. Call for Michigan basement repair immediately if you notice moisture or mold in your basement. 

Damage to Floors and Walls

The floors and walls in your basement can crack if you have moisture or foundation issues. Once you have a crack, more water can seep in, as well. Call for an inspection and repair if you notice cracks in your basement. You may need to have more sealant applied after the repair. If you have carpet in the basement you may not notice cracks until your floor becomes unlevel or wet. Tile floors may have noticeable cracks along with the cement underneath. 

Value of Your Home

Most homeowners like to maintain the value of the home. The appraisal value depends a lot on the condition of the home. Repairs and updates can help with the value. Waterproofing the basement contributes to keeping the appraisal value high. If you need to sell your home, you may get a better price for the home. A sealed basement may give buyers more confidence in the stability of the home. 

Utility Costs

When you have moisture in the home, the high humidity can lead to excessive use of the air conditioning. You may try to cool and dry out the home with little success. This extra usage can cause your electric bill to rise significantly. Cracks in the basement can also allow heat to escape during the winter, making it difficult to keep your house warm. 

You can benefit from a sealed basement in many ways. Your family can stay healthy since waterproofing helps prevent mold. You can also save money on your electric and gas bills. The value of your home may stay high or even rise when you have the basement waterproofed, as well. Have your basement waterproofed every 2- 5 years to avoid water damage. If you notice cracks in the walls or floors, have a professional evaluate the situation immediately. You may have a leak or foundation issue. With proper preparation, you can enjoy the basement as an extended living space.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Waterproofing your Basement

  1. I like how you said that waterproofing your basements prevents damages to the floors and walls. My husband and I moved into a new home and we want to keep it in good shape. We will have to hire a reputable basement waterproofing service.

  2. It is good to know that without waterproofing, your floors or walls can crack and let in even more water. My older brother and his wife just moved into a brand new home last week. I will suggest that they hire professionals to waterproof their house in order to prevent cracks in the foundations.

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