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The Top 5 Asian Cities To Emigrate To

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Asia is one of the most attractive immigration destinations for Europeans. The lower costs of living offer huge financial opportunities for Westerners, and the booming economies of some Asian nations make them hungry for skilled workers from developed nations. If you are thinking of beginning a new life in Asia, where do you settle down? This list is here to help with five of the best Asian cities to emigrate to.


This city is one of the most developed and high-tech in the world. Its cleanliness is legendary, with visitors often joking that the pavements are so clean you could eat off them. Singapore is also incredibly efficient, with public transport running almost always on time, and its social services, like hospitals and schools, are rated amongst the best in the world.

If you are thinking of emigrating to Asia, Singapore should be high on your list as a potential new home. You can get help finding financing from some of the biggest banks in the world at PropertyGuru. They compare rates and home loans to find the best housing loan in Singapore to suit your needs. This makes it much easier to make the move to one of the world’s best cities.

Bangkok, Thailand

Every year thousands of people emigrate to Bangkok. It is one of Asia’s busiest cities, with a huge amount of culture and entertainment on offer. It has a fast pace, which suits many Europeans and Americans. There is also a large ex-pat community from the UK, America, and Australia, making it an attractive destination to many people from those countries as you can find like-minded people and recognisable cuisine. 

The culture of the Thai people is another big draw for the city and the country. Relaxation, massage, and fun are the three main pillars of culture in Thailand. This may have given it a reputation it does not deserve as a place to party. The truth is that whatever you want, you can find in Bangkok. Do you want to part until the sun rises? Bangkok has you covered. Do you want to relax and enjoy some local history, culture, and food? Bangkok can do that too.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam’s growing economy and rapid modernisation are making it a very attractive place to emigrate to. The cost of living there is very low compared to other Asian nations, making it an ideal place to begin a new life for many emigres. Hanoi is a sleeper city, it may not be on the top of most people’s list as a possible emigration destination, but it should be. The government is investing heavily in development there, creating plenty of employment opportunities in an expanding economy.

Many of the homes on the market are unique and authentically Vietnamese. The historic zoning laws in Hanoi led to the development of quirky ‘tube houses’. These homes are tall and narrow, some as narrow as just four metres. They are usually painted in pastel colours, which helps make neighbourhoods even more attractive and friendly.  The tube houses of Hanoi make great dwellings for recent immigrants and are the perfect first step on the Vietnamese property ladder.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This potential immigration destination should not be overlooked. Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, in general, often get missed off people’s lists, and this is a big mistake. This bustling city filled with a rich history and culture is one of the world’s biggest and best cities, and its economy is constantly growing, which creates a demand for skilled immigrants for high-paying jobs in tech, construction, and healthcare.

Singapore and Hong Kong are usually high on an Asian emigre’s list of destinations, but Kuala Lumpur has everything they have to offer and more for a lower cost of living and cheaper immigration costs. The city also has excellent and affordable transport links to the rest of Asia, making it the perfect base for someone who wants to explore this fascinating continent in their free time.

Manila, The Philippines

For people emigrating to Asia from an English-speaking country, Manila has an edge over many other Asian destinations. English is spoken widely in The Philippines, making it a much easier place to move to for Americans and people from the UK. The people are also incredibly welcoming to new immigrants, and ready to help you make the transition to life in The Philippines.

The low cost of living also makes it an attractive proposition for people emigrating from Europe and the USA. You can rent a luxurious and exclusive apartment for less than £1000 a month. Similar apartments in a European country would cost five or ten times as much. There is a lot of value to be found in The Philippines. For this reason alone, Manila should be high on your list of potential new homes.

Each of these five Asian cities is a great destination for your emigration. They have rapidly expanding economies, creating a huge demand for foreign workers in all industries, particularly finance and tech. If you have the right skills and experience, you should consider moving to one of these amazing places.

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