#TheSkinProject All About Skin Cleansing!

20131201-141244.jpgI’m excited to announce that I’m involved in a cool beauty blogger project called #TheSkinProject! Herein our participating group of bloggers will be discussing their various skincare routines and favorite products. The topic du jour: cleansing!

I take a comparatively simple approach to cleansing: good old fashioned washing morning and night with my cleanser of choice (currently iQ Derma Clear Remedy Purifying Cleanser). I have combination skin with easily clogged pores, so I find this cleanser helps strip pores of dirt and oil without drying my skin out in the arid desert I inhabit.

I take my cleanser in the shower with me in the morning (pores are most expanded and susceptible to my skincare attacks in the shower’s steam) and cleanse at the sink with warm water at night.

When I find I’m beginning to break out, I switch to a facial cleanser containing 2.0% salicylic acid (there are a million of them, but mine is Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash) and do the same routine with that daily. I find it helps to stop my breakouts early.

As far as makeup removal, I skip the brand name goodies and go straight for pure coconut oil. Really! It’s gentle on my eyelashes so I don’t rip them out and forgiving with my delicate eye area. I don’t use it to remove other makeup, however: coconut oil is definitely not non-comedogenic and could potentially clog your pores in acne-prone areas. Be warned! You can pick some up for cheap on Amazon.

If you’d like to see my posts and the other bloggers’ posts on #TheSkinProject, just follow that hashtag on Twitter – and make sure to follow Sassy Dove too!

I’m also participating in the Beauty Blog Advent Calendar – 25 days of beautiful beauty blogger posts leading up to Christmas! Be sure to follow the Beauty Blog Advent Calendar posts on Twitter at hashtag #BBAC!


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