Skin Serums and Facial Serum

#TheSkinProject Facial Serum & Using Serum For Your Skin

Skin serum and facial serum#TheSkinProject has led me to another interesting topic: skin serums. Serums are an interesting addition to the skincare arsenal: packed with active ingredients and eliminating moisture-retaining fillers like petrolatum, they are a great resource for doing some heavy lifting in skin repair. Serums’ super-slim texture helps them sink into the skin quickly and get to work!

I like using serums to deliver high doses of skin-friendly vitamins directly to my mug, ideally causing some serious beautification to commence post-haste. Julep Luxe Repair Skin Serum is one of my favorites because of the presence of rosehip seed oil (which some use as a substitute for serum all by itself for the natural presence of vitamins A and C). I had similar success with Lisa Hoffman Night & Day Serum, which sinks in like a dream.

#TheSkinProjectLogoOne caution with facial serums: serums aren’t for applying everywhere, especially if you have oily or combination skin. Serums can be oil-heavy and are rarely non-comedogenic, so stick to dry/problem areas like turkey necks (you laugh, but I’ve got one percolating – gobble gobble), undereye circles, forehead wrinkles and nasolabial folds (sounds attractive, right? I mean those awful parentheses that form around your mouth). Plus, they’re usually quite expensive as compared to the rest of your skincare product suite, so it’s not really cost-efficient to slather them on from head to toe anyway.wz

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