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Tips to buy Men’s Underwear

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More and more men are worried about achieving a fashionable outfit; Choose pieces that go with your body type, trend colors, textures that accommodate them, and even accessories that bring your look from “good” to “enviable”. Although we do not know (or do not admit it) men’s underwear plays a very important role in building a look; the correct piece will highlight your “attributes” and a poorly chosen garment will disadvantage you as well as bother you. That is why here we share some tips for buying men’s underwear, you will thank us on your next visit to an online store of intimate clothing.

The size is the main thing

Without a doubt it is one of the most important aspects. Just as women should know the size of our bra, men should know their size of underpants. Keep in mind that most manufacturers make their underwear with standard waist measurements, but the rest of the piece may vary from brand to brand. The standard sizes for men’s underwear are the following: size S or CH (for waistlines ranging from 28 to 30 inches or 71 to 76 cm), size M (for waistlines ranging from 32 to 34 inches or 81 to 86 cm) and size L (for waistlines ranging from 36 to 38 inches or 91 to 96 cm). 

The style of underwear

Today there are a lot of styles of men’s underwear that suits all types of men and their personal concept of comfort. You will find the typical briefs, the classic boxers, the postpartum hospital underwear models, the swimmer models, the combination of boxer and brief (style with more and more followers), thongs, bikinis and even long underpants. Try the ones that attract your attention and find your style. Remember that the more variety there is in your underwear drawer, the more comfortable you will feel


In addition to greatly expanding the amount of options available in regard to underwear models, men nowadays have a large selection of materials with which their underwear is made. Lycra, cotton, bamboo, mesh, spandex, nylon, satin, silk … you choose.

The activities you will do in your underwear

Deeply linked to the choice of the model and the fabric with which it will be made, are the activities that you plan to do with that particular underwear. There is currently a underwear model for almost any activity you require. If you have a business meeting with an elegant and modern suit, go with a brief or boxer brief. If you want to sleep cool on a summer night, look for a comfortable boxer. Now that if you are looking to do high-impact physical activities, look for a sports underwear to achieve greater support.

The weather

Surely you think, what will the weather have to do with underwear? Well, the truth is that it has to do and much. The climate of the place where you live or work influences (or should) the choice of style and fabric of your intimate clothing. For example, who performs their activities in cold weather, should wear garments in wool, spandex or micro fiber blends. If, on the contrary, the heat rises where you live, keep cool by choosing materials such as cotton or bamboo.

The color of your underwear does matter

Last but not least, the color of underwear is a very important aspect to consider. There are the same number of briefs designs as panties. You can find them in a wide variety of colors, combinations and prints. Before choosing the color of the underwear you are going to buy, remember the clothes in your closet. If your job requires you to wear light pants, you better leave that phosphorescent model and opt for white or gray.

Now you know that choosing the right underwear requires several things that you must define before buying. Put into practice the advice you learned and you will achieve comfortable and fashionable outfits!

7 thoughts on “Tips to buy Men’s Underwear

  1. Great post! One thing I learned when buying men’s underwear for my husband is that the fly and pouch design were important to him. He prefers underwear that doesn’t have a fly as he doesn’t use it. He also wanted to try a style with a pouch up front for more space. I guess it’s like cup size in a bra, but for men. The designer brands got very expensive but I ended up a pair free (plus shipping) from Frundies and he loves them.

  2. Nice post. I like your article the way you written about mens underwear clothing and I also prefer the mens thongs,brief and bikini underwear style most.

  3. Very interesting article. Men’s underwear has been advancing in leaps and bounds. More guys are abandoning the discount store multi-pack of underwear for all sorts of styles and high tech fabrics.

  4. This is a great analysis of the choices of men’s underwear today. There are a lot of new fabrics, designs, and colors. Men are considering underwear that they didn’t before — jocks, thongs, briefs, etc.

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