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Best tips on how to clean your Bedroom and Kitchen efficiently

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How to Clean a Bedroom?

Cleaning a bedroom isnt all that difficult if you approach it in an organized way. While you may have your own method, here are some suggestions to make it a bit more fun.

  1. Play your favorite CD, preferably pop music or whatever gets you moving.  This is a great motivator.
  1. Gather together the supplies you will need such as dry cloths, damp cloth, furniture polish, Swifter duster, vacuum cleaner and attachments, clean sheets and pillowcase, trash basket liner, and Windex or vinegar.
  1. Upon entering the bedroom, put away the clothes that do not need to be washed or drycleaned, and place the rest in the hamper or laundry bag.  Clear the dresser, throw out the trash, and leave the bed for later.
  1. Dust all the furniture first, including the blinds, ceiling fan blades, and lamp shades. Take the damp cloth and go over the blinds and lamp bases.
  1. Polish the furniture. Use either Windex or vinegar to clean the mirrors. Use a nonstatic cloth to clean the TV.
  1. Vacuum the entire room, including woodwork.  Use attachments to reach those hardtogetat places.  If you have hardwood floors in your bedroom, you can utilize the Swifter Wet Jet or a clean mop.
  1. Place all the items back on the dresser, end tables, etc.
  1. Make the bed with clean sheets and pillowcases.
  1. Return the trash basket with a new liner to its proper place.
  1. Take a look around and see if you missed anything.  If not, youre done!

Note:  Pledge has convenient polish cloths that come in a package.  These are great to use if you prefer not to use the spray.

In addition, you may want to take down the drapes for cleaning, as well as the comforter and sham.  If neither needs to be drycleaned, you can easily wash them and put them back the same day.

How to Clean a Kitchen?

Probably the second hardest room in a home to clean (the bathroom is the first) is the kitchen. If you have a couple of hours to spare, lets clean your kitchen!

  1. Remove the clutter.  Wash the dishes and utensils in the sink, dry, and put them away. Clear away any items that do not belong in the kitchen.  Put cooking books, the recipe box, and other stuff that is sitting on your kitchen counter in another room for now.  Unplug all appliances.
  1. 2. You will need a duster, mop, damp cloth, vacuum cleaner, oven cleaner, broom, and liquid soap.
  1. 3. Dust every nook and cranny in the kitchen.  This includes the walls, ceiling, fans, vents, window blinds, picture frames, tops of cabinets, and any place else where dust could gather.  Use the vacuum cleaner with attachments where necessary.
  1. 4. Check the walls to determine if they need to be cleaned with a damp cloth.  You know; those spots where grease or spaghetti sauce may have splattered.
  1. 5.  Remove window curtains and wash them, open the windows, and start the oven cleaning process.  Remove the racks from inside the oven and broiler and soak them in soap and water.
  1. 6.  Wash down the cabinets, drawers, pantry closet, microwave table, kitchen table and chairs.  If you are really ambitious, take all the items out from under the kitchen sinkclean and return only those items that are still usable.
  1. 7. If you have already cleaned out your refrigerator, just go over the outer perimeter with a damp cloth.
  1. 8. Refill the sink with dishwasher soap and place the oven burners and covers in there to soak.
  1. 9. Clean all appliances with a damp cloth.  Clean the microwave oven inside and out as well.
  1. 10.  If you are up to it, you can remove everything from the kitchen cabinets and either clean and/or replace the inside lining.  Get rid of condiments and other products that have expired.  Clean the remaining items with a damp cloth before returning them to the cabinets.
  1. 11. Finish cleaning the oven.  Return the racks and clean the outside of the oven.
  1. 12. Sweep the floor, then mop and dry.
  1. 13.  Treat yourself to a nice hot lavender bath.

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