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What Tools Do You Need For DIY Home Repairs?


Whether you just love a bit of DIY or whether you’re keen to save some money instead of hiring a contractor to work on your property, you need to ensure you have the correct tools to hand to carry out those home repairs. Having a fully stocked tool box is absolutely essential, but there’s no need to purchase every single tool you see in your local hardware store – after all, you won’t need all of them! Instead, save your money and only buy the vital equipment you need and that you’ll use time and again in the years to come.

Here are some of the essential items you should have in your tool kit.

1.A Hammer

Hammers are perhaps the most basic essential in every tool box. Choose a claw hammer that allows you to both hammer in nails and pry them back out of the wall again. If you only purchase one hammer, make it a 16oz one with a curved claw and smooth head. This is suitable for both heavy duty and delicate jobs. Choose a model with a fiberglass or wood handle or, if you want to spend a little more, choose a metal one-piece hammer which will be extremely durable.


You’ll use screwdrivers for a huge range of jobs around your home. Screws hold virtually everything together from cabinet doors to furniture, so if you’re needing to fix any items like these, a screwdriver will be required to remove screws then replace them. Choose both a flat head and a Philips screwdriver, and preferably have some in different sizes. Alternatively, opt for a multi-bit screwdriver which saves room in your tool kit.

3.Adjustable Wrenches

If items aren’t connected with screws or nails, they’re probably attached with bolts and nuts so you’ll need to have a wrench to loosen and tighten them. Adjustable wrenches are perfect since their size can be altered to grasp nuts of a range of sizes. If possible, buy two wrenches of differing lengths. A 6” wrench is ideal for small spaces and a 10” model is best for extra leverage.

4.A Handsaw

Handsaws may be simple, but they’re ideal for making rapid cuts into word since they’re simple and speedy. Choose a pull saw for the cleanest and fastest cuts and opt for an 8-point saw which is good for both cross cuts and rip cuts. Also, choose a model with replaceable blades as this saves you money in the long run.


Often, DIY jobs require you to hold something firmly so it can be pulled or turned. Using your fingers is often impossible since you can’t apply sufficient force that way. Pliers are the solution. They’re ideal for pulling nails out, loosening nuts, straightening bent plugs, pinching together wires for splicing and removing fixtures. Choose a five-piece pliers set and this will cover most jobs as long as both needle nose and locking pliers are in the set.

6.Fixing Materials

The time will inevitably come when you need to hold items together in some way. That means you’ll require a range of fixing materials. Duct tape is incredibly useful for all kinds of purposes, and while it isn’t an ideal permanent fix, it’s good as a quick emergency solution. You’ll also need hardware like screws and nails. Some other items you should consider include caulking guns and heat guns which will make sure that gaps and cracks are filled. If you aren’t sure which are the best models on the market, you can find the answer on Paintsprayers.reviews. You can check this post to find out more about how to choose the right models for your needs.

7.Safety Gear

While tools are an essential part of your DIY kit, don’t forget you need to stay safe too. Make sure to have some basic safety gear like protective eyewear and gloves so you can be sure that you won’t be harmed while you’re repairing items around your home.

With these essentials in your tool box, you’ll be well prepared in case of a home DIY emergency. Even if you have limited experience, you’ll find that you’ll need to call out a professional much less often with these items to hand.


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