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Top 10 Women’s Magazines & Publications to Follow in 2020

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The time of women’s magazines is NOT over. Only the format is changing. Today, you don’t have to buy the printed edition as soon as it comes out. You can access online magazines as well. You also have an option to view popular magazines in a digital version. If you’re a lover of printed edition, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy them. 

The only question is: what publications should you follow? Don’t get stuck with the ones you used to love back in the days. There are too many options nowadays, so it’s important to make a wise choice. A modern women’s magazine has a feminist touch. It’s still dedicated to fashion and beauty in a big part, but its purpose is to make you feel powerful just for being a woman. 

Do you love photography, writing, and magazines? Maybe it’s time to start your own project. You can use Publisher for Mac to get the perfect format, and start the exciting journey of publishing. But first, let’s work on your inspiration. We’ll list 10 amazing women’s magazines that you should follow. 

  1. New Beauty

Let’s start with a magazine that doesn’t fall in the typical format that tackles all topics that women like. This one is 100% about beauty. If you’re wondering how to improve your beauty routine, introduce something new, and create a great budget for beauty products, this is the magazine for you. It will teach you how to make informed decisions. 

  1. Create & Cultivate

This is a women-centered website in an online magazine format. It focuses on entrepreneurship. Create & Cultivate empowers women to build their own businesses and bring them forward. The main categories include: work, wellness, marketing & PR, money, diversity & inclusion, life, small business, and side-hustle.

  1. FIRST for Women

This is a creative magazine that covers a broad range of topics: family, decor, fitness, beauty, nutrition, health, and more. 

  1. Cosmopolitan

If you plan to subscribe to a single women’s magazine, the good-old Cosmo is the best choice. It’s a fun magazine that features beauty tips, empowering celebrity interviews, tips on setting and achieving personal goals, healthy lifestyle advice, and more. 

  1. Career Contessa

This is an amazing online publication that drives women forward in their careers. It’s all about professional tips, jobs, interviews, webinars, and coaching. If you’re going through a transitional period between jobs or after college, you’ll find great resources here. Career Contessa collaborates with professional women in a variety of industries. The website has a great library of podcasts, courses, and valuable downloads. 

  1. The Final Line

This digital magazine is special because it targets a particular group: women over 45. It offers beauty tips, fashion editorials, fitness and wellness guidance, and a great deal of lifestyle resources. The posts aren’t published frequently enough, but each one holds great value.

  1. InStyle

It’s more than a mainstream magazine that features celebrities and the latest fashion trends. InStyle brings the personalities of our favorite stars closer to us. Through its interviews and exclusive home tours, we realize that these are just people, after all.  

  1. Darling Magazine

Are you interested in traveling tips for women? You’ll get the best travel features from Darling Magazine. In addition, the publication offers creativity, style, relationships, and culture editorials. Darling has a special value for women who want to stay real. In its printed editions, it has always been featuring untouched, raw visuals. Throughout the year, the magazine has evolved into a go-to resource for women seeking motivation, inspiration, and empowerment. 

  1. Viva Magazine

This is a Canadian publication for wellness. It inspires women to lead a healthy lifestyle without compromising any of their style. The content will teach you how to make the right decisions regarding food, home maintenance, shopping, exercise, and more. 

  1. Allure

Sometimes you need something trendy, which will keep you updated on current events, fashion, and beauty. You’ll find great recommendations on skip care and makeup for different skin types and face shapes. This is one of those editions that inspire you to become a lifetime subscriber. 

Did You Make Your Choice?

There are so many magazines to choose from! When you’re ready to pick up a printed edition or pay for a subscription, it’s never easy to decide what to spend your money on. 

Take our recommendation: explore the free online resources of all above-listed magazines, but don’t ignore the benefits of paid subscriptions. That’s how you’ll access all the content and get more value from it.

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