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Top 5 Fabric Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress

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Every bride-to-be wants her day to be as perfect as possible, and she always wants to look her best too. This is entirely understandable and one of the main reasons we have put this top 10 list together for you. The chances are, you’re a beautiful budding bride, wondering what sort of wedding dress to choose for your big day. Let us start out by saying, most of the time, it’s hard to get advice from anyone about your own wedding dress, because it’s such a personal thing to you. Personal preference plays a huge role in the choosing of your wedding dress but having some fabric knowledge can help you decide a little easier. You could even be here because you have fabric and clothing in mind and you want to know whether we like it too, either is totally fine!

JJ’s House designer, Jessica, knows everything there is to know about fabrics. She has worked with us for many years and often gives advice to brides when they’re choosing a wedding dress. “I think when it comes to fabric, the perfect wedding dresses can only be chosen if you have the right knowledge. You don’t want to spend the whole day uncomfortable, so it only makes sense to think about every aspect before you purchase a dress.”

1.    Choose a Comfortable Fabric

Although this isn’t directly linked to the fabric material, knowing you’re comfortable in a dress that you will be wearing for a long time is essential. Comfortable fabric can differ depending on what you prefer so we would suggest the only way you can indeed find out if a fabric suits you is to try it on. Have a short walk around the store in it and decide if it’s for you then you can look more into it.

2.    Only Try High Quality

It may seem silly to say but ensuring your wedding dress is high quality comes before a lot of other aspects of the dress. Wear and tear are inevitable when you wear it all day, but you want something that will look just as good at the end of the day as it did at the start!

3.    Allow for a Draping Affect

You want to ensure your dress flows just as beautifully as you’ve always imagined. Having a draping effect on your dress allows for room to move if you wish and it will definitely flatter your figure too. Unfortunately, some so many brides don’t purchase dresses that flatter them, and this isn’t great. Take note of your body type and try to find a dress that suits you.

4.    Love Satin or Silk

Historically satin and silk were the bridal choices of dress, but now, brides don’t tend to opt for this fabric material. But, if you have knowledge about fabrics, then you’d know how great satin and silk is as a material and that they’re perfect for your wedding dress. They’re not only elegant and traditional, but they’re just beautiful.

5.    Avoid Too Much Lace

It looks stunning, but it’s not ideal if you want something comfortable. For many brides, lace detail is the added touch to their dream dress, but it can be extremely itchy when you wear it for a long time. Have some lace on your dress but not too much that you’ll be in pain throughout the day!


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  1. You made a good point when you explained that it is important to pick a wedding dress that is made out of material that will last the entire day. My fiance and I are planning on getting married in about 3 months, and she and her mother are planning on going dress shopping within the next month. I’ll be sure to mention to them that they should pick one out that is made out a strong material.

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