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Top Gift Ideas to Give on Your Bestie’s Wedding

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Entering a marriage and saying her wedding vows is by far the most emotional and special part of a woman’s life. Even if someone has planned her wedding ceremony for years, as the time comes closer, most women find themselves on an emotional roller coaster ride where they want to cherish every last moment of their singlehood with their friends and family members.

One of the closest person on her wedding day to stand by a bride after her parents are her best friend. There is a reason why your bestie has chosen you to be her bridesmaid. She wants you to feel honored and acknowledge your importance in her life as she embarks on one of the most important journeys of her life. At this moment, it is important that you are there to celebrate her happiness with her and give her something that will always remain with her as a cherishable memory of your friendship.

    Picking up gifts for someone that you are close to is very challenging, especially when you are buying for your best friend. Here are a few gorgeous gift ideas that your bestie will love.

Scrap Book or a Journal

    If you are into crafts make a gorgeous mixed media journal or a scrapbook that has all the key memorable moments of your friendship. You can put in memorable pictures and leave spaces to write messages for your friend. You can also have her other friends and family members write messages for her in the book. Even if you are not a crafty person, you will be able to find some very easy to follow tutorials on Youtube or Pinterest. If all else fail, you can order a personalized scrapbook from Etsy.


    Jewelry makes one of the most amazing gift items, especially because not only they are precious, but also because they remain with you for a lifetime. It is not necessary to buy something as expensive as a solitaire ring or a Cartier watch. You can easily find affordable options in your budget. Look for some beautiful rhinestone and Sterling Silver. If you intend to get her a watch, look for something like a Seiko brightz. Seiko is known for its exceptional quality and gorgeous designs but they are much more reasonably priced than other European watchmakers.

Bachelorette Getaway

    Nothing can be more cherishable for a bride than an ultimate bachelorette trip with her friends. If you are a large group of friends, you all can pitch in to throw her a fun-filled trip that she will remember for a lifetime. Pick a place such as Thailand which is not only economical but has everything from nature to parties and nightlife to adventure so that you can have a time of your life.

Make it Manly

Not all besties are women or feminine, so don’t forget your bros when it’s time for the big day. Guy-friendly goods from places like The Manly Man Company can fit your bromance perfectly ( and after all, guy or girl, who DOESN’T want a beef jerky bouquet?). Check out those and more at Manly Man Co.®.

Gift Voucher

    If you are confused about what would make a good gift, giver a shopping voucher for her favorite store according to her interests and she will love you for that. If your friend is into home shopping and interiors, give her an IKEA voucher. If she is a cosmetics collector or a crafts supplies hoarder, gift cards from Sephora and Michaels could be amazing options.

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