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Top Things You Might Misunderstand About Vaping

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You may have heard about vaping because it is very popular these days. Movies, the fashion industry, and social media have already promoted the habit a lot. Surprisingly, some weddings have been using a vaping theme. Many people have indulged themselves in the habit without knowing much about it. Some only know that it is a cool alternative to cigarette use and that they are out of danger when they vape. To clarify this issue, let us look at all of the things that one might have misunderstood about vaping.

Vaping and Health

After numerous promotions as a healthy alternative to smoking, people think that they completely all safe with vaping. Wrong! Health researchers have already confirmed that there are toxins in the vapor and that they have the same effects as toxins in cigarette smoke. The toxins in nicotine-based e-juice can harm your body just as badly. But even with this, it is not clear to what extent the vapor is harmful. Some health studies claim that the toxins are many times lower than what is in the smoke.

Vaping and Addiction

If you think that your vape device is not addictive, then you are wrong. As soon as you start with nicotine-based e-juice, the addiction will kick in. Even experts at ePuffer agree that most of their clients repeatedly come back to buy more e-juice and accessories because they are addicted. The argument that vaping helps to quit smoking is now controversial after looking at it this way. The main cause of addiction is the nicotine in the e-juice. The good thing is that there is nicotine-free e-juice. But the habit itself could also be addictive, particularly to those who view it as a fashion.

Vaping and Fashion

Vaping has undoubtedly become a trending fashion. Even though many people claim that they vape for leisure, it is quite evident that they do so for fashion too. One indication of this is the use of vape mod cases that match the dress or occasion someone is attending. Many people have more than one device because they do not want to contrast at any occasion. Most will also find nic salts or e-liquids that match their favourite flavours – blueberry, cherry, pineapple, or more – to make the entire experience even more enjoyable.

Social media says it all. Vape weddings, vaping in social places, and even vape trips show people doing it as a fashion and style. Some do not even care about the experience they get from vaping but how they look when doing it.

Vape Cleaning

If you have already started vaping, it is your responsibility to know that it needs cleaning as often as possible. At other times, the coils, wick, and batteries need to be replaced. However, many people do not even know where to start. If you are the type of person who does not know how to take care of their vape or dab pen, then it is high time that you get some tips. It is one of the simplest ways to improve your vaping experience.


If you have always misunderstood these things about vaping, you now know to handle it. Doing the right thing increases the opportunity to enjoy incredible clouds at all times.

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  2. Great post, One person said that smoking a single cigarette per day is not so bad. In reality it is comparable to smoking a whole pack a day. That is what the actual medical studies say. The people who say it is not so bad are just expressing their feelings, their prejudice.
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