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Trending Half Birthday Celebration to make Kids Happy

Trending Half Birthday Celebration for Kids

Celebrating half birthdays is as much fun as celebrating the first birthday of your little one. There are so many interesting ways to honor your child’s halfway mark, such as getting them a new baby swing or throwing them a fun party. Before the arrival of your little one, you would have made so many plans but once the baby enters your life completely changes. Your responsibilities increase and there would be times. You won’t even get time to sleep so how could you celebrate the little one at times like these. After a few months, you would get accustomed to it and now you can plan a beautiful celebration to celebrate your little bundle of joy. There are so many parents that cannot wait for a year to celebrate their child’s birthday and if you are also one of those then you are in the right place. We are here with some trending half birthday celebration ideas to celebrate the little ones and make them happy. 

1] Order a Half Birthday Cake

Since you are celebrating half birthday the cake also has to be different than the usual birthday cake. You can choose delicious flavor cake-like chocolate or strawberry whichever your child likes. Nowadays cakes are available in so many designs so get according to your choice but the cake should be half. This is one of the best ways to symbolize that you guys are celebrating half birthday of the little. Order cake online from our cake shop and delight your loved ones with decadent and delicious cake on special occasions and festivals.

2] Plan a Fun Menu

You do not have to go overboard for the food for the half birthday party. Finger foods are great for this type of birthday celebration. Pizzas, sandwiches, French fries, and some fizzy drinks are ideal for half a birthday celebration. As we are celebrating half birthday make sure you cut everything in half before putting them on the table. Get amazing birthday celebration ideas from our online gift site and surprise the important people in your life by hosting their birthday and conveying your love and affection to them.

3] Put up Cheerful Decorations 

While you are celebrating half birthday there should be no doubt in people’s mind and so decorations have to be done in such a manner that it represents half a birthday. You can start by decorating only half of the room or venue where you are planning to throw the half birthday party. This simply means decorate half the room with balloons and ribbons and leave the other half of the room. 

4] Half Birthday Party Games

You can play classic birthday party games like musical chairs, egg, and spoon races or pin the tail on the donkey, etc… Make sure you play half of the classic game or you can also combine that game with another for a surprise ending. A race to fill the buckets of water with half measuring cups also makes a fun half birthday party game. This type of half birthday game will do justice to the theme.

5] Half Birthday Invitations

For half birthday invitations be creative. You can get a blank note card and line up all the party information on one side of the card and leave the other side of the card totally blank. You can also cut the birthday party invitations in two and send half envelope but make sure all details are mentioned on the hard card. Moreover, start the party on the half-hour that is 5:30, 6:30, etc… These are some half birthday party celebration ideas through which you can make your dear one’s half birthday as memorable as their birthday.

6] Donate to a Charity Party 

Instead of celebrating the half birthday with your loved ones you can bring a smile to other underprivileged kids. You can collect the toys and cook some food to donate to the charity. There are so many charities that provide shelter to the orphans or animal shelter so you can make this day special and memorable by donating in these places because you guys can anyway celebrate the birthday of your little one with your loved ones. 

7] Party Favors 

For the party favors, you can also get creative and give everything half like if you are giving kids lollipops they should behalf or you can gift them a set of colors but out of 12, there should be 6. You can also gift them half cookies and many more such favors that are able to cut in half so that they add to a thoughtful half birthday celebration idea. Make birthday gift delivery to your friends and relatives and wish them a very happy birthday through exciting gifts.

We hope these trending half birthday celebrations are perfect to make kids happy on their special day.

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