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How to Turn a Camper into an Off-Grid Oasis

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If you love traveling and being alone in the wilderness, having a camper can surely be an advantage. However, you would have to prepare it for the long drive ahead. Here are some of the best steps that you can have if you want to ensure the usefulness of your camper outdoors.

Think about the Size

First, consider the size of the van. If you want to turn your minivan into an outdoor paradise, you have to make sure that you can fit your family in there comfortably. A traditional minivan will do the trick if you’re going to have the vehicle customized into a camper.

Shelving for Storage

Secondly, you would have to ensure that the car gains a lot of shelving. Storage is key if you want to have a working camper with everything that you would need outdoors. You can also add in some drawers for additional storage. Make sure that everything remains securely fastened or bolted so that you won’t have to worry about breaking stuff as soon as you get on the road.

Useful Furnishings

If you are fond of taking your work outdoors, retrofitting a small table inside your van can certainly work as well. Most car companies choose to use wooden floorboards on top of the carpeted car floor because it will not easily break down and incur damage, especially on the road.

Multi-purpose fixtures like chairs that can fold into the bedpost can improve functionality. The fixtures will also increase space and provide you with faster clean up and rearranging capabilities, especially if you have more passengers in the car.

The Sleeping Quarters

Having a small bed in the camper can also work to your advantage if you’re looking to gain more room. It’s all a matter of choosing the right plan for your camper designed, especially if you are customizing everything.

You can store all your additional tools such as your mobile phone, chargers, and power banks underneath your bed for security. You can have a custom-built under the bed or add extra panels to provide space for your tools.

The Kitchen and Dining Area

As for the kitchen, a small camper should always have the basics. A working sink, and a small cooking area. Your work table can double as a place to eat. You can also place small cabinets under the built-in stove to provide storage for the utensils.

The question is, will you be able to cook in the camper? Some vans have a flip-up table that provides even more space for cooking in food preparation inside the vehicle. Vans usually work for outdoor cooking, so make sure to check the weather before finalizing your travel plans and cooking outside.

Additional Reminders: Waste Disposal Outdoors

You also have to learn about composting to be able to take care of your needs while outdoors. There are many composting toilet designs that you can choose from and have built into your future camper. You have to know where to look.

Keep Extra Batteries Handy

Always make sure to keep extra batteries neatly stored inside the car just in case you lose juice for charging your phone. Having the batteries will allow you to communicate with your family, even if you take longer to go back home.

When outdoors, always be are responsible for your safety and belongings. That way, you will not end up with more problems while traveling.

Prepare for Honest to Goodness Camping

Bringing some small tents and mattresses can also work, especially if you don’t want to stay in the car for too long. Take it as an opportunity to unplug and enjoy the peaceful time with nature at its purest form. Once you can prepare for every eventuality, you will surely enjoy having a customized camper for traveling.

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Usually, customizing vans into useful travel campers takes about two to four weeks at the most. Additionally, it is not cheap to do this. However, if you find the right customizing company, you will certainly learn some tricks to save money on customization.

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