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panty styles for every occasionIt’s a topic we’re encouraged not to discuss: panties. What you wear outside is fair game for fashion blogs the world over, but there’s a reason what’s underneath that topic layer of clothing is referred to as your “unmentionables”. Well, here on Sassy Dove we like to break with convention and say screw taboo – let’s talk undies.

U By Kotex 3D Capture Core Ultra Thin Heavy FlowU by Kotex gets it – they know our lovely skivvies are constantly ruined by “that time of the month”, and they want to help with their #SaveTheUndies campaign.

Today we’ll be discussing the most rarely visible kind of fashion (but that’s okay, it’s the one you get to see, and you’re the most important audience). in Latin class we used to make a bad joke: “Semper ubi sub ubi”. It means, literally, “Always where under where”. (Get it?) But what panty type is best when?

Without further ado, here are my picks for the best kinds of panties for various occasions:

Panties For Workouts

Color doesn’t matter. The word here is seamless in the crotch. Having an unfortunately placed seam is devastating in an intense workout. I know, I’ve been there. Something without elastics in the leg holes is also best, to avoid constricting your blood flow.

When I work out in the privacy of home, I like to wear seamless breathable boy briefs and no shorts on top – it’s much cooler and I can obsess over the jiggling of my thighs in the mirror even better during Shaun T’s order of “high knees!”.

Panties To Wear On A Job Interview

The safest choices are colored to match your bottoms (black, usually) and – wait for it – the thong butt. Oh yeah. I know you don’t feel like it, but listen: nothing eliminates panty lines like the thong. Embrace it, ladies.

Panties For The Airplane

Special panties for the airplane? Yeah, that’s right. Look, plane rides are about comfort. Pick your comfiest pair and roll with it. Hipsters work nicely for these occasions.

Panties To Wear On “The Third Date”

Yep. We’re talking about it. It may seem like you need to go ultra-sexy teeny for this *ahem* special moment, but actually, you should really wear whatever is most flattering to you that you can hide under your outfit without lines. This is a time to rock the feminine lace and frills – just make sure it matches the bra.

Panties For Shopping

This category may surprise you, but I am careful about shopping panties because they have to work well with trying things on. This is the time to go small, lineless, and white or black depending upon your target shopping color. For example, if you’re after some summer-friendly white bermudas, don’t rock the neon blue hipsters. You’ll say no to perfectly cute clothing.

Panties To Wear To The Doctor

Oh, the doctor. An embarrassing time all around. Whether they just make you take off the pants or if you have to strip all the way down, your doc’s gonna see your skivvies either while you’re wearing them or lying on that unattractive chair in the corner. So this is the time to go no-frills, conservative, and kind of cute – think your patterned boyshorts rather than granny panties.

Panties For That Time Of The Month

This may be the only occasion on this list for which you’ve actually considered which undies to don. Luckily, you can be leak-free with U By Kotex’s new line of 3D Capture Core pads, so you don’t have to worry about that part anymore. What’s next? For your period, it’s all about comfort. Pick a pair that doesn’t constrict your belly – cramps are a pain you don’t need to amplify.

Head over and get your free sample of U By Kotex pads and tampons!

Huge thanks to Kotex for sponsoring today’s discussion and helping me #SaveTheUndies!

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