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Upgrade Your Man’s Grooming Routine [VIDEO]

Virilem Nail Clippers Vitamin C Serum Video Upgrade Man's Grooming Routine

I have some shocking, SHOCKING news for you:
Men, by and large, suck at cleaning themselves. Yep. It’s not their fault – they’re just born that way. (Of course, I know there are exceptions… like Tom Sandoval.)

Tom Sandoval I Just Happen to Look This Awesome GIF
They can’t all be Tom. Tom shaves. His forehead.

Luckily, there’s hope out there for men, but it starts with us. We have to convince them to use good products without inducing that easily-awoken fear of not being “manly”.

Virilem’s got some great solutions, as I share in my video below:

(Seriously, how many Youtubers pack references to Star Wars, Vanderpump Rules, Battlestar Galactica, football, Star Trek, and Doctor Who into one video?)

Both products feature a male-friendly design: the serum bottle is no-frills and the nail clippers have a sleek, brushed-metal look reminiscent of a cool pickup truck dashboard.

The Vitamin C serum is just as powerful as the ones we use without the girly scent added, and the nail clippers are sharp and powerful enough to slice even the gnarliest man-nail. (P.S. Here’s the post I referenced in the video explaining why you need antioxidants for your skin.)

Convinced? Wanna pick your man up a pair of the nail clippers and get him to be the smoothest-skinned hunk on the block with the serum? Here’s where to snag them:

  • Get the nail clippers here for about $14, or
  • get a set with both fingernail and toenail-friendly clippers here for $24.
  • Get the Vitamin C serum here for $30.

Thanks to Virilem for sponsoring this post and providing these products so I can up my own man’s grooming game. You CAN get your guy do this – don’t be afraid! Trust me – he will thank you for it.

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  1. haha your face in that pic… that is the ugliest I have ever seen you look. and that’s a compliment b/c you still do not look that ugly!! You are beautiful and I’m jealouuusssssssssss

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