Why Is the Urban Decay NAKED Makeup Palette So Popular

Why Is The Urban Decay Naked Palette So Popular?

You’ve heard the hype everywhere: the Naked Palette is by far one of the biggest beauty products to emerge in the last few years. Heck, they’ve got 3 of them now, and offshoot palettes (plus knockoffs from other brands) to boot. But why is the Naked Palette the name on everyone’s lips?

Here are several reasons why Urban Decay’s Naked Palette has been so successful:

Urban Decay NAKED Palette Review MakeupThe name

It’s called NAKED, people. And suggestively named beauty products have done very well (BeneFit They’re Real, NARS Orgasm [don’t forget they also have Orgasm in “The Multiple” – dare to dream], Too Faced Better Than Sex, Essie After Sex, Urban Decay Pocket Rocket, Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker…), probably because they grab your attention like nobody’s business. Lots of the NAKED shades keep this theme, with names like Nooner, Native, Virgin, Streak, Trick, and Perversion. Nau-ghty!

The colors

The shades in the NAKED Palette and its similarly nude brethren are impossibly neutral and will work for almost anyone. Plus, they have a variety of finishes included within the palette, including matte, glitter and satin.

Naked-Palette Review Cosmetics

The price

Urban Decay ain’t cheap, honey. One shadow is $18. In the NAKED Palette, you got 12 eyeshadows, a Good Karma Eyeshadow Brush, and a primer potion for $54. That’s a good buy no matter how you slice it.

Urban Decay NAKED3 Palette ReviewThe brand

Urban Decay is known for making quality eyeshadows, so you know what you’re getting in the Naked Palette is gonna be good stuff. But it’s also known as a brand that makes tons of wild, out-there, extreme colors, so Naked was a big leap in a different direction for them and made lots of their loyal fans and newcomers alike take notice.

Here’s a breakdown of the current NAKED palette lineup:

  • NAKED Palette, the original
  • NAKED2 Palette
  • NAKED3 Palette
  • Naked On The Run Palette
  • Naked Flushed Palette
  • Naked Basics Palette
  • Tons of random NAKED eyeshadows, liners, blushes and glosses, and
  • The NAKED Vault – everything Naked in one go!

 Have you been collecting Urban Decay’s NAKED goodies, or have you tried any? What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Why Is The Urban Decay Naked Palette So Popular?”

      1. dear sassy
        there is a lot of makeup tutorials on Youtube .my problem is I don’t know how to buy this.I live in PERSIA .there is no branch of this company here.

        1. Hi Saba – unfortunately global sanctions have made shipping to Iran a very difficult subject, especially due to the ban specifically on certain fashion/style papers. This is really sad since there’s a massive market for cosmetics users in Iran that are basically untapped. I know Lancome makes their products available in Iran, but beyond that, what’s available is pretty limited. I can help you try to find a dupe if there’s something specific you’re looking for?

          Otherwise, thanks for reading and fight the good fight. Freedom for women everywhere.

        2. Hi saba. They sell Urban Decay makeup in Tehran. There is a beauty shop in Mirdamad. Its a big one. They have their foundation and mascara and lipsticks and eyeshadows. I also bought a concealer from them. And I know that they are genuin .

  1. I love Urban Decay and have nearly everything that you have listed apart from the Nake On The Run palette, and the Naked vault (way too expensive for me). I love them and the Naked 1 palette is the one I reach for the most.


  2. I love the Naked 3. It looks amazing with my green eyes and very pale skin tone. But why do people call the Naked palette “Naked ONE”? Like every time I watch a makeup collection video, the person calls it “Naked One”… It’s not called Naked One. It’s just called Naked. I dunno, it makes me cringe.

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