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Valentine’s Day 2017 Style Wishlist

2017 valentines day wishlist

After all the unpleasantness last year, let’s all agree to make the theme of 2017 LOVE. And what better day to embody love than Valentine’s?

Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays: it’s a free pass to dress up, go to a restaurant, eat chocolate, and the associated color is RED – a personal favorite.

Here’s my V-Day wishlist for 2017:

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Date night attire

  • A dress that’ll wow: a big night calls for the perfect dress. This bead-appliqué Mikado fit and flare is the perfect combination of flirty and breathtaking — ready to take you from dinner to dancing to wherever the evening leads.
    Bead Appliquéd Fit-And-Flare Mikado Dress
  • Shoes you can dance in: the days of hobbling down the sidewalk post-big date (or, God forbid, having to go barefoot because you just can’t take it anymore) are over. Wear a wedge! They’re just as cute as your heels and they won’t destroy your body sending constant impact up your spine. My ultimate pair that’s perf for V-Day: Jimmy Choo Neyo, whose circle cut-out takes these wedges from run-of-the-mill Steve Madden to high-fashion edge.

A new take on old favorites

  • Instead of chocolates, opt for something sweet she can keep and use like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette. It actually smells like chocolate!
    Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette
  • Sick of old fashioned flowers? These flower-infused lipsticks have gold flakes and a flower in the middle of the clear part. The color changes according to the temperature of your body! Is there anything more sensual?
    Flower infused lipsticks

What are you wishing for this Valentine’s?

Sponsored in part by Tahari ASL. All opinions are my own. 

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