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Vegas Fashion 101: Tips on How to Properly Dress For Your Las Vegas Trip


So you are FINALLY going to Vegas… that infamous place that you’ve seen on TV and in movies where people have gotten married and have also had some of the craziest nights. When you were watching some of these movies or television shows that showcased Vegas, did you ever pay attention to what the characters were wearing in their Las Vegas encounters? You probably noticed what they were wearing but didn’t analyze why they wore what they wore.

Well, one thing that people who have never been to Vegas realize pretty quickly is that there are fashion rules to Vegas. So what exactly does that mean? That means that you have to pack accordingly. If you’re going to Vegas, you can’t just pack tank tops and shorts… not to fully enjoy Vegas! You may not realize it at first but once you start exploring Vegas, you’ll soon see that Vegas is somewhat of a superficial destination and you need to dress the part.

That’s not saying you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for your Vegas trip but there are certain articles of clothing meant to be worn for certain events and occasions just like there are articles of clothing that you can wear for any occasion but when it comes to dressing for Vegas, you really need to be able to distinguish what type of event you’re attending so that you can know how to dress accordingly. 

Vegas Dress Codes

Did you know that there are locations in Vegas where you need to be dressed a certain way to even be able to enter the establishment? It may sound unheard of to you but it’s actually very common in Las Vegas. According to USA Today, tourists definitely need to dress for the weather but it also states that it’s very important to pack clothes for the various occasions and venues that you may attend as well.

Now, there are several locations, events, and attractions in Las Vegas that don’t require dress codes but if you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to fashionably survive your first trip to Vegas.

Fashionably Surviving Las Vegas

How to Dress For the Casino

Besides partying, the casinos are the main reason why people come to Vegas. As far as how to dress for the casino, the attire “rules” are the same for both men and women for the most part. During the day, it’s practically fine to wear jeans or shorts, flip flops, and decent T-shirts… you know, nice casual wear. Now, casino wear in the evening should change but it doesn’t necessarily have to. In the evening, shorts and flip flops are not an option. 

Men should wear a nice pair of jeans or slacks with a button-down top and women can wear a nice pair of jeans or some kind of dress/skirt. The thing to keep in mind is that most casinos don’t have a dress code so these are just guidelines that you can/should follow.

How to Dress For The Nightlife and Day Parties

This is the main Vegas attraction that tourists pack for the most. Experiencing Vegas’s nightlife is when you want to especially make sure you’ve packed accordingly because these are the venues where there are specific dress codes and you will not gain entry if you’re not dressed appropriately. For nightlife and day parties, this is what you need to have packed:

  • Dresses/skirts – women
  • High heels – women
  • Button down shirt – men
  • Suit jacket – men
  • Closed-toe dress shoes – men

Keep in mind that it’s Vegas, so fancy can still be fun here. Take this opportunity to go buck wild with stuff you’d never dare sport at home. Sequins, bodycons, supershort dresses, red and leopard print clothing are not only acceptable, they’re downright encouraged!

Now, the same thing applies for most day parties, and day parties are essentially big pool parties. For day parties, your main outfit needs to be a swimsuit. You, of course, can have on regular clothes going there but the attire for some of Vegas’s hottest pool parties is definitely a swimsuit/swim trunks, so you definitely want to make sure you pack enough swimwear.

How to Dress For Fine Dining

Depending on the restaurant you’re going to, the same dress code rules apply in this category as well. The key thing here is to look up the restaurant before you go because it would be very embarrassing and frustrating to have waited in line to get into a restaurant only to be turned away for what you were wearing once you finally made it to the front of the line.

A good rule of thumb to have with fine dining restaurants is to go with a business casual dress code… that style of dress would pass any dress code anywhere, so make sure you have that packed because you never know what type of Vegas experience you may have.

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