The Best Vitamin You’re Not Taking.


Are you a vitamin and supplement junkie like me? If not, why not? Jump on the train.

(If it’s because you’re afraid of overdosing or think it’s not healthy to get your nutrients from supplements, cue my rant. Even the most permissive stats suggest that, at MAX, <10 deaths in the last 30 years were vitamin related [source, source]. Conversely, how many deaths were related to malnutrition? How many to prescription drugs taken as a reaction to illnesses caused by deficiencies that could have been avoided through supplementation?)

/end rant

Anyway, personalized micronutrients from Rootine are awesome and you should take them and I basically already take all of them — except for one, apparently. I just discovered the wonder of taking a separate magnesium supplement and I am a massive convert.

Watch my latest Youtube video to find out why you should be supplementing with magnesium too:

NOTE: I am not a medical professional and nothing I say should be construed as medical advice. I’m just a silly young redhead who thinks she knows stuff.

Interested? Snag yo’self a bottle here and just give it a try for a few weeks – see if you feel better. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks thanks to product provided by Zahler and I’m loving what it’s done for my energy levels in particular. (Plus, it’s a lifesaver if you happen to be hung over after your holiday party.)

What are your go-to vitamin essentials?

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