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(Hair-Challenged) #VOLOOM Volumizing Hair Iron Review [VIDEO]

Voloom Hair Volumizer Review

Wanna know what rocks about being an #iFabboMember? I get fabtastic beauty stuff fo’ free like this bomb hair volumizer called the VOLOOM. It’s not a straightener; it’s not a curling iron; it’s a volumizer. It makes your hair bigger without putting a buncha junk in it. Say what?

Now here’s the catch: I am hair-challenged. Yes, I am a beauty blogger who sucks at hair. I mean bad. The good news about that is, if I can make a styling tool work, anybody can!

That’s why I decided to make this video – to show that if I can be successful with this tool my very first time around, what can you do with it?

You all know that I like to keep my hair as natural and product-free as possible (though admittedly this is partially because I suck at using products too), so this is a great solution for me because you don’t have to pile your head full of silicone and alcohol to make volume happen. And you don’t have to tease it either – comforting, since to me teasing is just tangling my own hair on purpose, and why would I do that?

Wanna learn more about the Voloom? Read more here.

What do you think? Would you try a hair volumizing iron?

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