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Wall Beds: Your Buying Guide To Get The Best One

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A wall-bed or Murphy bed is an ingenious sleeping solution that you may want to bring home. This bed makes your small space more liveable. You can use this bed for your guest room or bedroom. In either case, it will help you save a lot of space.

Wall beds are a brilliant solution for small spaces. They can be folded and unfolded effortlessly and can be used to sleep comfortably. Spending your money to bring a wall bed home is a great idea. Before you step into the nearest furniture store or browse any online display of wall beds, it is necessary to consider a few factors.

We have curated a buying guide for the best wall beds to help you make the right choice:

Horizontal Vs. Vertical Wall Bed: 

Originally, a wall bed opens vertically. However, many furniture-makers have given a twist in the mechanism of this unit and now one can open this bed horizontally as well. You can determine which bed works best for you by considering a few factors.

A horizontal wall bed is ideal for all kinds of tight or compact spaces. You may also buy such beds for low ceilings. It means that a horizontal wall bed makes a good choice for an attic bedroom. On the other hand, vertical wall beds are ideal for rooms with high ceilings and enough floor space. The installation of such beds in such spaces will make your room look more spacious.

Another kind of Murphy bed to look for is a freestanding Murphy bed. This bed doesn’t require any fastening or mounting on the wall or the floor.

Space Requirement: 

Another vital point to consider while buying a wall bed for a home is the space requirement. As stated, these beds make an ideal choice for the restricted spaces. However, to fit these beds, you still need some open wall space and available space. If you are buying a twin bed, you require at least four feet of open wall space. If your wall bed is larger, you will need bigger wall space.

We also suggest you leave a seven-foot of open area in front of such space so that you can lay out the bed easily. 

Lift Mechanism: 

The lift mechanism of a wall bed includes two types – piston mechanism and spring mechanism:

  • Piston Mechanism: 

This mechanism of a wall bed is considered a more streamlined way using which you can adjust the bed in the manner you want. Pistol mechanisms are visible on the wall bed unit. They make the use of gas pressure and air pressure to open and install.

  • Spring Mechanism: 

A spring mechanism offers adjustable tension while installing the wall bed in your interiors. This factor makes the bed more balanced and stable. Wall beds with spring mechanisms can withstand heavy loads and are more long-lasting compared to the former.

Ease Of Installation: 

The installation process of a wall bed is a deciding factor of its sage usage. Installing a wall bed is not a complicated affair. However, it must be assembled properly so that you can use it safely. The installation process of a wall bed requires pivot hardware for the attachment of the headboard and cabinet top. Secure the frame properly and use enough anchors to install the bed. We recommend taking the help of a professional to do the needful.


Wall beds are an affordable buying option of a bed that helps you save a lot of space and utilize the furniture unit to the optimum. Explore the best wall beds for your home on the online and offline platforms but do not forget to revise this buying guide before you buy any.

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