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#WalmartBeauty Winter Beauty Box

walmart beauty box winter 2014

Did you know Walmart has a beauty box? It’s true! With everybody jumping on this train, you might wonder: what makes Walmart’s box different from any of the other myriad beauty boxes you have to choose from?

First of all, if you’re a drugstore beauty junkie like I am, you’re in luck because that’s what’s in the Walmart beauty box. Each box is unique with different products for every gal, so you can’t cheat and go on YouTube to find out what’s in your surprise package.

But the BEST thing about this box is the price. If you sign up through their website, it’s $5 per quarter. Five bucks! I’m in!

Go watch this video of me opening up my Winter 2014 box:

Products included CoverGirl lip gloss, NIVEA moisturizer, L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner, and more. Plus, my cat didn’t show up in this video, which is good because he looks skanky with makeup on.

What do you think? Would you roll with a Walmart bargain beauty box?

4 thoughts on “#WalmartBeauty Winter Beauty Box

  1. Finally a box that is AFFORDABLE… I mean really who can spend $40 a month for makeup that they don’t even know what they are getting… this is MUCH more reasonable.

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