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How to keep warm in the winter

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Wearing ethnic wear in the breezy, cold windy winter can have a number of repercussions.  Winter is pretty cold and for some of us it can lead to unproductive days due to the way we dress. When you are bound by work or other daily activities the question remains, how are we supposed to dress on cold winter days? The material and design of your outfit will determine how warm you will remain during those harsh winter weathers.

Take a look at these common winter rules that will leave you looking fabulous:

Replace the your light outfits with heavy ones

During winter, most part of the night and days are extremely cold. Keep off the light blouses and dresses and replace them with warm sweater tops and heavy cottons. Layering your clothes will also help in keeping you warm and cosy.  One common trick is by putting on woollen leggings underneath your dress. Leggings will keep the winter breeze from reaching your lower and upper parts of your legs when you are wearing a dress. Don’t forget to replace those sheer dupattas with heavy scarves and ponchos. 

Jackets are everything 

Ensure you always have a jacket for every occasion, especially one that involves outdoor activities.  This is the only way to beat the harsh painful weather. The best thing is, you don’t need different jackets for several occasions. You can have as many as 6 different designs and you will be good to go.

Pick the right fabric

This is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the perfect winter wear.  Wool, velvet, cashmere, and cotton are some of the best fabrics to keep you warm during the winter.  Your cover ups, jackets, ponchos, capes and throw on will fit well with these heavy materials. Leather outfits may not be so ethnic, but they work.

Now let’s look at Stylish ethnic outfits to keep you warm in special occasions

Most people would prefer to stick to ethnic wear even during extreme weathers like the winter.  For some, it is a respect to their culture and traditions while for others it’s just the style they are used to. The good news is, you can wear ethnic styles and still stay warm regardless of the occasion.  You just have to learn to pair the right outfits to create a fashionable yet comfortable winter wear.  Winter weather won’t disrupt any cultural, ethnic or religious 

Saree for winter weddings

Saree are very important when it comes to weddings and traditional ceremonies. It is the most preferred for such cultural and ethnic events. Now, there are several saree designs created to make you look cultural, classy, elegant, sophisticated or fashionable depending on what you want.  Styling your saree the same way can be very boring especially when you are around the same people. 

Some of the famous ways to drape a saree include the butterfly, Mumtaz and gujarati styles. They are traditional and popular in older generations now; designers have come up with fun ways to drape the saree while keeping you warm during the winter weddings.  To a winter wedding, wear a georgette, cotton or heavy work Kanjivaram saree from StyleCaret to keep you warm while still providing you with style.  

The anarkali for evening events

The anarkali suit is perfect for any traditional festival. One famous anarkali look is the layered anarkali which has several layers at the hemline. The layers create a great gown like effects. The other main advantage is that it keeps you really warm during the winter weather. For a modern look, a layered anarkali suit with heavy materials and a sheer finish will do the trick. This sophisticated look is perfect for any casual and social events.

The basic lehenga


The lehenga choli mix is traditional and was first created in pure silk for royals. At the beginning, it was a symbol of wealth and royalty but now can be worn with people of all social classes. The lehenga choli is stylish and can keep you warm during the cold winter weather.  A cotton lehenga with a heavy choli or tunic and some warm leggings are perfect for family meetings and cultural events. 

Style the lehenga choli with a kurti

This is one of those perfect outfits you wear when the cold season comes. The long kurti gives your outfit some flare while keeping you warm at the same time. you do not have to go full western during this weather.  To stay warm, wear a heavy kurti jacket with your lehenga choli. You can add some warm leggings for the extra warmth. 

Winter dressing- kurti

The a-line kurti is a basic styled kurti with a narrow top and a small flare at the bottom. Most basic kurti have hemlines reaching to the ankle or the floor.  It is popular for younger generations. You can pair the a-line kurti with different types of salwar or pants for different looks. With warm heavy pants, you can create a casual look for everyday wear.  

A poncho styled kurti is modern but does the trick during this cold winter weather. Choose a kurti with a long poncho made of warm materials like cotton and wool. This look is stylish and can fit women of all body types. 

The Nehru jacket 


You don’t need to look further for the perfect formal jacket. The nehru jacket is fashionable, official and will keep you warm during the cold.  Most men wear this jacket over a basic shirt and western pants for the perfect indo-western look. For a more ethnic look wear it over a kurti pyjama.  Remember, dark colors will keep you warmer than brighter colors.

A heavy dupatta

Some outfits are not complete without a cover up or a scarf. The dupatta complete any ethnic look. You can wear it over a saree, lehenga or kurti. The dupatta comes in endless colors, material and designs. Longer dupattas made of cotton, silk, and velvet can keep your neck, body and thighs warm.  They make your outfit elegant, traditional, classy and fashionable. 

The final word

Before the winter approaches, ensure you have your wardrobe prepared; from warm leather shoes to the heavy ethnic clothes. You do not want the cold related illnesses like the common cold, sore lungs and others. 

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