Where To Go For A Wedding Destination In 2020

A Destination Wedding is a special and intimate type of wedding that brings the entire wedding entourage to a new location. Destination Weddings are becoming more and more popular because of the adventure that it presents to you and your guests.

Just imagine how perfect your wedding day would be with all of your dear loved ones at a breathtakingly beautiful location. One other positive side of having a destination wedding is so everyone can attend a wedding and a fabulously awesome vacation on the side.

While destination weddings have a reputation for being extremely expensive, this is not the case for most. Hosting a local wedding with over a hundred guests in your 

For example, hosting a local wedding with over a hundred guests is much more expensive than having a dozen of carefully picked guests that you hold dearest to you and your future spouse’s heart. Because destination weddings are much more popular, there are now a lot of resorts offering wedding packages.

Here are some of the best Instagram-worthy wedding locations around the world so you can have an idea of where to go for your wedding destination.

Santorini, Greece

    Who would not fall in love with the beautiful landscapes of Santorini Greece? With stunning sunsets, white sand beaches, ancient vineyards and the famous Greek architecture. A destination wedding is an intimate celebration between the couple and a handful of special people which is why Santorini’s magical sunset is perfect.

    Santorini is also known for having a variety of beaches which you can choose from, depending on your tastes. There is the naturally beautiful Beach of Perissa, which thanks to the volcanic activity surrounding the area have given the shore its signature black sand. Looking for a different beach? There are also white and red beaches in Santorini for you to enjoy.

    Known all over the world as a fantastic destination, expect that Santorini to be packed during the summer. This is why it is recommended that you book your destination wedding outside of peak dates for your optimal enjoyment. 

Bali, Indonesia

    The Indonesian archipelago hides a stunning and marvellous gem of an island. This is mostly known to the world as Bali. Bali has everything for everyone. If you and your partner are more interested in immersing yourselves in the buzzing nightlife of Bali then you can choose to go to Kuta. Nusa Dua is another location where you can get married while enjoying the culture and people of Bali. On the other hand, if you want a private and intimate ceremony, you can look for hidden, remote beaches where you are secluded from the hundreds of thousands of tourists that Bali gets in a year.

    The beaches are not the only location that you can go when in Bali. As a predominantly Hindu nation, Bali is also surrounded by grand temples which you can visit anytime.

Nature lovers will also find that Bali showcases some of the best natural views on the planet. There are seabeds, waterfalls, cliffsides and mountains for you to enjoy while basking in the air of your partner’s love.


Honduras is the destination for couples who want something new and out of the ordinary. Still a developing nation, Honduras does receive as much visitors as say the Bahamas or Hawaii. This, however, should not be considered as a commentary on its beauty.

One amazing thing about Honduras is that it is extremely cheap. While $20 may not amount to much in the US, in Honduras, you can already pay for your daily food and lodging. When people talk about destination weddings, one dissuading factor that always comes into play is the cost. However, Honduras offers a cheap yet extremely romantic way of having a destination wedding. The party scene in Utila is also quite gregarious and fun. Learn how to dive the clear waters of Honduras in the morning and then dive into the lively parties at night. 

Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico is one of those destinations that you’ve heard of but wasn’t sure if it was true because of how good it sounded. A resort city that can hold itself against the likes of the Carribean Islands, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico, Los Cabos is a true paradise. 

Because of its rising popularity as a holiday getaway, it is now quite common to see hotels and beach resorts offering Cabo San Lucas Wedding Packages. It would be a crime to go to Los Cabos and not bask yourself in its many natural sceneries. For example, it is not rare to see humpback whales when they migrate from the Arctic.

What makes Los Cabos perfect for your wedding is that it is generally sunny all year-long. Save for some drizzles, Los Cabos receives sunlight 365 days a year. This means you can get married on any day you want instead of having to move your wedding to ensure perfect weather.

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