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The One Week You Shouldn’t Wear Khaki

u by kotex khakis

U By Kotex The One Week Not To Wear Khakis

Just from that sentence, “The one week you shouldn’t wear khaki”, I know some of my readers are smirking behind your computer screens. You know what I’m talking about: that time when your light-colored bottoms are in seven days of perpetual placebo-pill peril.

“Ew!” you exclaim. Yes, ew, but come on. We’re women, we all have to deal with it twelve times a year, so let’s get over the pretending-we-don’t-do-anything-gross drama and have an honest conversation, shall we?

Back to the unfortunately timed fashion choices of my past: when I was in high school, believe it or not, khaki was in style. I mean like The Thing To Wear. I got a bangin’ new khaki skirt, I finally memorized my locker combination, and I was ready to wow the other freshmen. 

So naturally, I ruined it the first and last time I ever wore it with a visit from the evil aunt. But it wasn’t as simple as destroying a skirt; of course, the boy in the desk behind me had to snicker when I stood up and ten minutes later, I emerged from the nurse’s office with a fresh pair of oversized Falcons gym shorts cinched around my waist. So hot.

 While I’ve had many cringe-worthy fashion moments that involved khaki since then (hey, I used to work at Target), I’ve at least grown wise enough to protect them from cycle-induced destruction.

U By Kotex 3D Capture Core Ultra Thin Heavy FlowThat’s at least partly due to the wonders at U By Kotex, whose pads and tampons with 3D Capture Core are my favorites for a little extra insurance on a poorly timed date night. (Hey, we can’t control what week Valentine’s Day falls on!)

What horror stories do you have that could have been avoided by a trustier friend in feminine care? Don’t be shy – we’re all ladies around here. (Well, 86% of us, anyway.)

Thanks to U by Kotex for sponsoring today’s discussion.

One thought on “The One Week You Shouldn’t Wear Khaki

  1. Wowwwwwwwwwww
    Ive sooo been there girl! 🙂
    Stopping by from facebook…I saw this link there on one of my beauty groups and got curious…I definitely agree that is one time you should *not* wear khakis lolol
    Anyway, this was a fun read…thanks for that!

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