Welcome to Sassy Dove, a new beauty blog!

Welcome to Sassy Dove, a new blog about beauty products. We will cover product reviews, step-by-step instructionals, and some editorial content about beauty as well. Hair, makeup, nails – you name it. Feel free to comment or email me directly with any suggestions for products to review, your own reviews, or requests for makeup tutorials. Let’s get on with the show!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Sassy Dove, a new beauty blog!”

  1. I remeber too well the Repukes whining that raising the min wage would send us into a depression with huge unemployment.

  2. Can’t believe I’m going all the way back to reading this site’s first post ever. So cool. Love your website, Cailin, and your approach to beauty and makeup – I am a huge fan and will read all your stuff. Even though I wish your books were about beauty and not blogging because frankly I can’t run a website. Ha. But if you write a beauty book I will read it!!

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