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What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly?

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Bed bugs are so small that you’ll struggle to see them with the naked eye. They are also very good at hiding, which is another good reason why they can successfully infiltrate any home and cause you plenty of misery.

The problem is that bed bugs are surprisingly tough. Although you can roll on the in the night and squash them, they can withstand a surprising range of temperatures and it can be difficult to eliminate them.

Add to this the fact that they climb into any soft furnishings and you’ll realize how easy it is to bring them home in your luggage, even from a fancy hotel.

Once they are in your home you’ll need to find out more about your local Olathe pest control experts. It’s a good idea to enlist their help in eliminating the issue. Finding out about Terminix bed bug control can be really helpful.

Interesting Fact: Bed bugs can last for a year without eating but can consume three times their weight in one fifteen-minute meal!

The Issue With Bed Bugs

For most people, the first sign you have bedbugs is when you see the rash on your body and realize that you’ve been eaten overnight. You may also see red stains on your bedsheets, this is the squashed bed bugs, they were inadvertently squashed as you moved around in your sleep. 

The good news is that they are not known to carry disease. Their bite doesn’t usually itch but, you’ll find that your sleep and potentially your mental well-being suffers.

That’s why it’s a good idea to click here and get professional help to eliminate them.

Killing Bed Bugs

The first thing to accept is that you’ll need to treat all your soft furnishings. Bed bugs are exceptionally good at hiding and leaving just one alive will result in the colony restarting and the problem resurfacing in the near future.

That’s why you need these products to hand to deal with the issue.

  • Rubbing Alcohol

Dilute some rubbing alcohol with water and put it in a spray bottle. This can then be applied to your bed and all the soft furnishings in your room. As soon as it touches the bed bugs it will kill them! The bonus is that it evaporates quickly, making it safe for you to go to bed shortly afterward.

Of course, you’ll probably need to apply this several times in order to eliminate all the bed bugs. Patience and vigilance are important!

  • Heat

Bed bugs may be tough but heat can kill them instantly. The best way to do this is to put any bedding and soft furnishings you can into the tumble dryer. You’ll need to leave the items in the machine for at least 30 minutes on a setting of 60° or higher. But, this will kill the bed bugs!

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils and DDT are very effective at killing bed bugs. The great thing is that you can add the essential oil to a diffuser and leave it on overnight, helping to eliminate them when they are most likely to appear.

Don’t forget to vacuum your room thoroughly to ensure they are all removed. 

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