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What You Can Do To Fix Your Overbite

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While we all surely long for that perfect Hollywood smile that gleams out at us from TV screens and magazines, the fact is that many of us suffer from an array of confidence-denting dental problems. 

One of the most common, and potentially troublesome, is the overbite. There are two different ‘classes’ of overbite: dental and skeletal. The second is more extreme than the first.

If you suffer from either form of overbite, then you may be keen to get your condition treated – both to boost your confidence and to prevent the development of a number of unpleasant complications. These can include tooth decay, pain in your jaw, and even sleep apnea

Straighten Your Overbite With Braces

A less invasive form of overbite treatment – and a method that is frequently used for both adolescents and adults – is braces.

There are two main types of braces for overbite correction that can be used to help straighten your teeth and align your jaw. The first is traditional metal braces, and the second is clear aligners, which are a more recent addition to the world of dental healthcare. 

Whichever type of braces you prefer, the important thing is to find experts in overbite treatments to fit them for you and help you care for your teeth properly while they are being straightened. 

Have Some Teeth Removed

If the root cause of your overbite is overcrowding, your dentist can remove some teeth to provide the space required. In some cases, only one tooth may need to be extracted, but in cases of severe overcrowding, multiple teeth can be removed. 

Once there is more room inside your mouth, your remaining teeth can assume their correct positions and your jaw can also come back into correct alignment. 

Corrective Surgery Can Be Used In Severe Cases 

Children who suffer from an overbite will most likely not require surgery to correct it, but if you are an adult who has sadly not received the appropriate treatment in your younger years, surgery may be a necessity. 

While dentists like this cosmetic dentist in Avon Lake may prefer to avoid this option due to its invasive nature, in truly severe overbite cases, where the jaw bone is misaligned, and a range of complications are arising as a result, then surgery can provide welcome relief. 

Why It’s Important To Treat Your Overbite 

While the idea of wearing braces or having surgery may seem off-putting or even a little frightening, the truth is that getting your overbite corrected is a matter of great importance. 

Although you may not currently have any unpleasant symptoms as a result of your overbite, in the long term you may encounter a variety of related health issues. These include worn enamel, tooth decay, a higher risk of gum disease (or gingivitis) and difficulty speaking clearly. 

To avoid these unpleasant side effects, it’s vital that you get your overbite corrected. Not only will you be able to smile with confidence, but you will also feel safe in the knowledge that you will no longer be at such a high risk of poor dental health.

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