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When to Repair Or Replace Your Faucet

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Faucets can be difficult to repair, given their placement. It is even more frustrating to have a constantly dripping faucet, especially if the problem cannot be located. Sometimes the problem that may seem undetectable or unfixable might be fixed by tightening a screw. A plumber can cost up to $50 – $150 an hour; hence, it is important to know if the faucet can be fixed or it is best to replace it.

When to Repair the Faucet?

A dripping or leaky faucet is a common plumbing problem and people may struggle with the problem as well, given that many people are not aware of the complicated plumbing system. So, how to know if repairing the faucet is worth it?

  • Squeaky Noise:

If the faucet’s handle is making squeaking noises when turned on or off, then it might be an easy fix. Handles usually start making noise when they are rusted and need the application of grease. However, if that does not work, there might be another issue, and it is best to call a plumber.

  • Low Water Pressure:

Often, low water pressure is not caused by an issue in the faucet or any other appliance. They are often caused by damage in the sewer lines or pipelines. However, if it is just one faucet and the issue is not influencing other appliances, it is likely that it is in the faucet.

  • Water Flow Irregularities:

Several reasons, such as impurities caught in the faucet, can cause issues with water flow. It is fixable, as it requires a bit of cleaning. There can also be other internal damage to the faucet. It is best to call a plumber to analyze the problem as avoiding this repair may lead to additional issues and more damage to the faucet.

When to Replace the Faucet:

Sometimes, spending hundreds of dollars on simple repairs of the faucet is not worth it. In some cases, repairing may cost more than the replacement. Following are the factors that indicates the necessity of faucet replacement.

  • Constant Repairs:

Sometimes, the repairing may cost more than just replacement, and constant repairs can indicate that it is time to replace the appliance. A few repairs might not cost a lot but if the faucet is constantly causing problems, then it is an indication for a replacement

  • Aging Faucet:

Most faucets are generally made to last for about 10 or more years. If the faucet shows signs of aging and not functioning properly, it is time to replace it. Even if the faucet is seemingly working fine, updating it with the rest of the appliances is always an option.

  • Rusting:

Rusting can be a sign of water damage and if the house uses hard water, the faucets are likely to be damaged by the water.

  • Damages:

If the kitchen counter or the sink has been damaged and needs to be replaced, the faucet will be replaced with the sink/counter even if the faucet has been working fine. 

Replacing the faucet is sometimes a far better option than spending money on its repairs. Your plumber can be the best person to consult about when it is the right time to replace your faucet. 

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