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Why are new diets so popular in January

January every year is a sudden influx of diet propaganda and healthy eating inspirations. New years resolutions every year, for a lot of people, focus around losing weight and “being skinny”. But with 9 out of 10 of us breaking this new diet just 12 days into January,  why are they still so popular?

One of the reasons for diets being so popular in January is possible after all the food and drink of Christmas, the thought of having a smoothie for breakfast can be a welcome change. A lot of people picture January 1st as the start of a fresh and empowering year, where this year will be THE year to break the cycle and finally lose 5 stone. 

Committing to changing your life just feels more achievable on a day like January 1st, rather than say March 14th or October 27th. We all know that a diet is successful due to one thing, staying in a calorie deficit, however every year in January there is a massive increase in fad diets and trends such as keto and 10-15 years ago it was the Atkins diet. 

Rather than thinking about everything you need to cut out of your diet, concentrating on adding more things in can have a better success rate. For example, rather than cutting out bread at a mealtime, think about adding in another type of vegetable, or a grain. This can then result in you feeling fuller and less like you’re missing out on something. 

Sometimes medical intervention can be an effective way to achieve your goals, with many success stories. Certain procedures mean you can lose 55% of your body weight 12-36 months after having the procedure.  This is usually recommended to people who have exhausted all other options. 

Veganuary is also a new method in the last few year, for many people this is a good kick start to the new year. Packing your body full of vitamins and goodness can help you tackle the start of the year. Chance are giving yourself the achievable target of 1 month can make it feel more manageable and therefore make you less likely to fail. 

Whatever your New years resolution is there are lots of different resources that can help you, and give you different options on how to succeed. 

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