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Why Golf Carts Are So Popular

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We see them here, we see them there, golf carts are everywhere! Hospitals, factories, universities, airports and housing developments are just a few of the places you will find a fleet of golf carts, not to mention every single golf club in the world! This vehicle was originally designed to ferry the golfer to his ball, they can handle any terrain (well, almost) and the fat tyres do not damage the grass, making for the perfect ride for the golfer.

Great Utility Vehicle

It wasn’t long before other sectors saw the advantages of the golf cart, which is electrically powered, making it an eco-friendly transport, something that all businesses look for. Simple to drive, the buggy is plugged into the power socket, which automatically shuts off when full charge is reached. There are various sizes, ranging from 2-15 seaters and the supplier can customise the vehicle to suit your needs, whether people, materials or both.

Minimum Maintenance

Due to the simple design, there aren’t many things that can go wrong with a golf cart and with cheap golf cart maintenance service from a leading Thai specialist who has years of hands-on service experience, your fleet will always be ready for work. The low running cost is a major reason why businesses choose golf carts and it is so simple, your resident mechanic can handle the fleet maintenance.

Cheap Running Cost

Battery vehicles are much cheaper than internal combustion engine vehicles and with off-peak charging, it costs next to nothing to power the carts. The maintenance engineer simply orders parts from the online supplier, keeping stock of certain components that need to be replaced often and all servicing is recorded and they easily come within budget.

Here are a few of the venues you might find golf carts:

  • Airports, docks and ports
  • Hospitals, colleges & universities
  • Train stations
  • Sports arenas
  • Housing developments
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Major warehouse complexes
  • Aviation – aerospace

As you would expect, golf cart development is ongoing and the latest generation comes with many features; smooth suspension, extra wide tyres and a silent ride, plus more economical than ever. Prestige models are suitable for royalty and are extensively used to ferry VIPs from one place to the next and if you are in need of reliable and cost-effective transport for your business visitors, you couldn’t do much better than the latest generation of electric golf carts. If you are an avid golfer who values fitness, here is a weight-training guide.

Zero Pollution

Perhaps the main reason that businesses and organisations use electric golf buggies, zero pollution sends out the right message and when you factor in the low running cost and minimal maintenance, it is easy to see why the humble golf cart has come so far!

The Thai government has very forward-thinking plans for the EV sector and they actively promote the use of electric vehicles in all sectors. We are also seeing EVs on our roads for the first time and the sooner we all move to clean and renewable energy, the better.

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  1. I learned today that gold carts are powered electrically which makes it an eco-friendly drive which is simple to maneuver with various sizes that ranges from 2-15 seaters. My dad owns a golf cart and he brings the vehicle with him everywhere since driving a real car has always been challenging to him. Recently, I’ve been looking for golf cart audio products since I know how much my dad would love music while he’s out and about!

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