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Lashe Mink Lashes Review (or, Why Mink Eyelash Extensions Are So Popular)

mink lashes lash extensions reviewLashes make everyone look better, but have you ever wondered why everyone is so crazy about mink eyelash extensions these days?

Mink eyelashes look and feel more natural: they have a soft, fluffy, fluttery look that you can only get from real hair. No matter what you do, a synthetic lash will always look a bit, well, synthetic. Plus, you can heat-curl mink lashes unlike synthetic eyelash extensions (that’s a plastic disaster waiting to happen).

I got a full set of Lashe mink lash extensions at LPG Endermocenter & Spa in Oldtown Scottsdale. Here’s a video of me with the results (mind the puffiness, I’m post-facial):

Even though these are clearly much longer and more beautiful than my real lashes, I got lots of “what mascara do you use?” and “your eyelashes are incredible!” Keep in mind, I regularly wear false lashes and am more used to hearing questions that already recognize that my lashes are fake.

These are actually incredibly affordable for high-quality mink lashes; while I’ve heard of people paying $300 for a set, LPG Endermocenter & Spa offers a full set for only $80 and fills for $50. (WHAT?)

Seriously. Get there before the price goes up. As for me, I’m a convert to the world of eyelash extensions. I haven’t touched my mascara, which is awesome since I’m not wearing much makeup lately, and I can pretty much go out the way I wake up.

Have you ever tried lash extensions? If not, what’s holding you back?

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    1. Mine lasted for about three weeks. If you take really good care of them, you can just have them filled rather than doing a whole new set and save a little money.

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