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Iggy Azalea’s Nose Job, Before and After

Well, yet another lovely celeb has taken a step toward destroying any physical individuality in pursuit of some imaginary ideal. Iggy Azalea has openly admitted to getting a nose job, which we all knew she did anyway because now she looks like the result of one of those facewarping iPhone apps. Of course, we’re in the height of lauding her for her honesty, but let’s not pretend this isn’t still sad news.

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Makeup Contouring Tips: Slim a Wide Nose

Makeup Contouring Hide Your Wide NoseOur guide on how to highlight and contour is one of our most popular articles, so I thought I’d focus on an area a lot of ladies are self-conscious about: hiding your wide nose. I know it’s a sore area for me personally: I think that from the front my nose looks like a flattened mushroom. Not okay.

Follow these simple steps to slim down your wide nose, and thank me later.

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