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Women Can Wear Custom Ties Too!

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It is undeniable that neckties have always been perceived as part of men’s wear. However, fashion has evolved ever since there are even custom ties now giving your ensemble an extra kick. Neckties now are becoming a normal part of a woman’s attire. This is because there are already a lot of fashionable ways of wearing neckties. One does not have to be contained by one idea, we have all the freedom to be creative and not be afraid to experiment.

Custom ties have gained its popularity because it has already had a niche in the women’s market. If you are one of those gals who are hesitant by is considering of getting your own custom ties, then, this article will help you with your decision in buying your own custom ties. 

General Guide, You Need to Know for Custom Ties

  • The most fundamental thing that you need to know is the basic knowledge of how to properly tie a tie. The most basic of all is the basic knot, here is the how you should do it:
    • The step is to start with the backside of the tie facing it away from you, with the wide end on the right and the small end on the left. And then, the tip of the small end of the necktie should be placed somewhat above your belly-button and this will vary depending on your height and the length and thickness of your tie. Then you proceed to move the active wide end.
    • Next, get the wide end under the small end to the left.
    • Then, get the small end to cross to the right end. 
    • Then, get it up into the neck loop from underneath
    • Then, place it down through the loop you have just made in the front
    • Finally, pull it down on the wide end in order to tighten it. And then slide the knot up to adjust. 

There are also other types of knots that you may want to explore by watching available tutorial videos online. 

  • You should know which style of tie that you will want to wear. The great thing about custom ties is that you can choose what style will fit best for your outfit and personality. 
  • Know who to properly take care of your ties. Below are some tips of taking care of your tie:
    • You should be able to do a routine maintenance

In doing so, you must be patient enough when it comes to removing your tie as soon as you change clothes. When untying the know, you should open the knots gradually to avoid forcing the tie’s material because it may damage the cloth. 

You should quit pulling the thin end of the tie through the knot which is a bad practice. You can simply follow reverse steps for tying up a tie. Thus, you should make sure that you have untied the knots when you are not using it. Else, the tie will have deep creases on a permanent basis. You should not ruin your custom ties like this. 

    • You should store it in a nice area

Neckties are made of delicate objects and are distorted easily. After having the tie removed properly, you should hang it up without wasting time to prevent the creases to come out.  You can roll it and also place it inside a drawer to avoid damaging the tie.

Tips on How You Can Rock Custom Ties

Now you know how to tie a tie and how to properly take care of it, you can now start thinking about your fashion statement.

Tip #1 – Wear the right hairstyle

Wearing ties air sophistication and will instantly make you look pretty professional by just wearing them. You need not overdo your hair or overthink what type of hairstyle you will have to wear to look like a businesswoman. This is because the tie in itself is a representation of professionalism. You can just choose to let your hair down or tie it nicely in order to have a clean and sleeker look. 

Tip #2 – Choose to wear a skirt instead of slacks

Wearing ties is not exclusive with slacks. You can choose to wear a skirt if you want to feel more feminine. Then you can add a pair of heels to pump up your outfit. With this, you can still feel very feminine by rocking a tie as part of your outfit. You can either wear a schoolgirl skirt to look sexy or for a pencil skirt if you are going for a professional look. You can never really go long as long as the tie will match the outfit. 

Tip #3 – You can try the rocker look

Wearing custom ties are not exclusive for formal events. What you need to do is just tap to your creative side on whom you can make wearing ties work in your everyday wear. You can also choose to put on a punk rocker vibe by wearing a tie. You can take Avril Lavigne as an example because, during the early years of her career, the tie was a trademark of her ensemble by also wearing a pair of sneakers and a schoolgirl skirt. Wearing the rocker look can make you stand out more from the crowd than you know. 

Tip #4 – You can try to wear a vest

Vests are also not exclusive for men. You can be more adventurous with your look and also try wearing a vest as part of your fashion statement. Ties are not really exclusively paired with a blazer, but a nice decent vest can also give you the chance to flaunt your shoulders. When you wear a vest, this can also help emphasize your waist. You should not be hesitant in trying out a variety of looks. And if you want to stay stylish, this can be one outfit that you just have to try. What you just need to do is to make sure that you get a vest that can go with your custom ties.

Wearing it with an extra flair is always good every once in a while. If it’s a tie, you can never go wrong. 

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