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How to Stay Safe When You’re Going Home this Christmas

Are you busily making plans for Christmas? If so, you won’t be alone. After it was recently announced that there will be a five-day window for the festive celebrations this year, many families across the UK have been writing up lists and planning which three households they can mix with.

But while we’re likely to be focussed on what happens when we’re all together again, it’s likely we’ve forgotten one key question: what about getting home? Whether you’re taking public transport or you’re driving back under your own steam, here’s a look at how you stay safe on the journey home this Christmas.

Plan your travel

Now, more than ever, you’ll need to plan out every part of your journey. Having a clear idea of what transport that you’re thinking of taking and the stops you’ll need to make will help you to prepare for all eventualities.

First, establish if you’re taking public transport. If you are, you’ll need to look at bus routes and train times to work out exactly when you need to travel. Are there any changes on the route? Can you switch to a direct route?

It’s especially important to make a note of these details if you’re travelling with little ones. By having a clear idea of timings, you can book your tickets in advance and get everyone on and off the bus, train, or even plane, safely.

Driving? You’ll need to factor in any stops you need to make on the way. Look at your journey time and decide before you set off where you think you might need to visit a service station. Again, this makes the journey smoother.

Have the right safety equipment

Before you set off, make sure you have enough masks for the group you’re travelling with. While children under the age of 11 don’t need to wear one, if it’s possible to and they feel comfortable, it’s worth investing in one for any children in your party. Remember that you’ll be travelling back, so you’ll need to pack enough masks for both journeys.

Also, protective gloves can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re travelling on an escalator, for example, and need to hold onto the hand rail.

Keep clean

There are several ways to keep clean on your journey. Have hand sanitiser with you if you have no access to soap and water. This ideally requires 60% alcohol.

If you can clean your hands often while travelling, make sure you don’t touch any communal surfaces afterwards. To do this, try wearing gloves until you have returned to your seat. Some cheap table cloth runners may also be a good investment.

Keep your distance

Aim to keep two metres away from those around you on the bus or train as much as possible. Also, if anyone appears to be unwell, keep your distance and try to find another carriage to sit in if possible.

By planning our journey and taking precautions, everyone is likely to have a happy, safe Christmas.